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High Point Treatment Center Overview

High Point Treatment Center is a facility that focuses on making addiction treatment services more accessible to the general population, by providing different types of programs that can be tailored to the patient’s unique situation – the patient is the priority of the program. The company manages a few facilities that all focus on providing the patient with the services and the support that is needed for them to overcome the addictions that are troubling them fully, and to help guide them onto a path where life can become more meaningful to them, where their negative view on life can be turned into something more positive.

High Point Treatment Center Housing

High Point Treatment Center has residential treatment programs available to patients that will provide them with full access to the housing program. The facility owns a building that can house up to 60 of the patients at the same time.
The facility is divided into multiple sections. Male and female patients are not housed in the same rooms, but rather in different wings, in order to provide gender-focused housing to the patients who are admitted to a program at High Point Treatment Center. In addition to the standard housing facilities where patients can reside while they are being treated in one of the residential programs at the facility, additional sections of the facility is available to provide patients access to the housing while undergoing other types of recovery services.

High Point Treatment Center Treatment Options

The treatment options that a patient will be provided with to assist in their recovery really depends on the specific symptoms that they present when they first come to the High Point Treatment Center. The patient will be analyzed by one of the intake counselors at the facility, who will take the patient through an extensive questionnaire in order to better understand what exactly the patient is going through at the moment.
A treatment program is individually developed for each of the patients who come to the facility to give the best possible level of care. The specific types of treatment options that may be included in such a program include:

  • Detoxification services
  • Medication management services
  • Inpatient residential care services
  • Outpatient care services

High Point Treatment Center Therapies Provided

At High Point Treatment Center, every patient will need to go through several therapies in order to ensure they can effectively recover from the issues that have caused them to turn to alcohol and drugs. The patient is given access to different types of therapy services during their stay at High Point Treatment Center, including:

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Group therapy sessions

High Point Treatment Center Payment Options

High Point Treatment Center utilizes a unique system to determine how much the patient should pay for the services that are provided to them. Patients who are insured can submit their insurance details to the center in order to claim from their benefits. Patients who are not insured through such a policy can make appropriate arrangements and will be charged a fee based on their employment status and their income.

High Point Treatment Center Accreditations

High Point Treatment Center is a fully licensed facility. The Department of Public Health in Massachusetts have licensed the facility for the provisioning of both inpatient and outpatient services to the public to help patients recover from their addiction disorders. Additionally, the facility has also been accredited for their services by the Joint Commission.

High Point Treatment Center Amenities

All of the patients who are provided access to a residential program at High Point Treatment Center will also be able to take advantage of the various amenities that are available at the facility. The facility has a specialized unit that focuses on providing treatment services, as well as preventative services, to adolescents who may be experimenting with drugs and alcohol. A detoxification unit also helps patients overcome their addictions and help them better cope with the withdrawal symptoms that are often experienced by patients when they initially stop to use drugs and alcohol.

High Point Treatment Center Staff

While High Point Treatment Center does offer quite an extensive amount of information on their official website, it does not seem like the company offers a list of the staff members who are employed at their facility on the website. For many patients, this may be inconvenient as they would want to understand who the people are that will be taking care of them when they are being treated at the facility.
Fortunately, a full address is provided that allows these interested patients to come to the center and take a tour, which will allow them to get an overview of what to expect and to get a basic overview of the staff members who are involved at the facility.

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