Massachusetts Teen Challenge, Brockton, Massachusetts

Thirty Acre Pond in DW Field Park, Brockton
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Massachusetts Teen Challenge Overview

Massachusetts Teen Challenge is part of a much larger and well-known network of treatment facilities, known as the Teen Challenge of New England and New Jersey. The organization operates two different facilities within the Massachusetts region, where they have been offering patients with substance abuse disorders the opportunity to recover in a safe haven for more than five decades. The facilities operated by Teen Challenge in Massachusetts offer addiction treatment services to patients who are older than the age of 18 years.
The entire Teen Challenge organization has a Christian-based approach toward the treatment of addictions among the patients who come to their facilities. Patients also need to understand that the programs that are offered at these facilities are all long-term recovery solutions, allowing the patient to stay at the facility for as long as 18 months in some cases, ensuring the patient is exposed to an appropriate environment where they can recover and receive continued support to address the root causes of the addictions that they are suffering from when they first come to one of the facilities.

Massachusetts Teen Challenge Housing

Massachusetts Teen Challenge offers long-term residential care to all of the patients who come to them for treatment. All patients will be given access to one of the two facilities that Teen Challenge operates in the Massachusetts area when they are admitted to be treated through a program at this organization. Both of the facilities only offer treatment services to male patients and the patient need to be older than 18 years to be admitted to these facilities. The Dorchester House has shared bedrooms where up to three patients will be appointed to a single room at a time.
The Brockton facility, however, offers patients access to a dorm-style apartment living program where multiple patients are allocated to a single room at a time. The Brockton facility is able to provide accommodation for up to 108 patients at a time, but no details on the specific number of patients that can be housed at the other facility owned by Teen Challenge in Massachusetts have been provided.

Massachusetts Teen Challenge Treatment Options

All patients who are admitted to a treatment program at Massachusetts Teen Challenge will undergo treatment for a period that ranges from 15 months to 21 months. A range of treatment options and solutions may be included in the program that is provided to a patient in order to assist with their recovery at the facility. These treatment options may include:

  • Holistic treatment services
  • Spiritual treatment solutions
  • Behavior modification programs
  • Aftercare planning
  • Educational programs
  • Relapse prevention programs
  • Coping skills development programs

Massachusetts Teen Challenge Therapies Provided

At Massachusetts Teen Challenge, the organization believes that addictions are caused by an underlying root problem, which is why it is vital for patients to attend one-on-one sessions with a psychiatrist at the facility while they are being treated. There are also a number of group therapy programs that patients will undergo during their stay at any of the two facilities in Massachusetts operated by Teen Challenge.

Massachusetts Teen Challenge Payment Options

Patients need to pay a fee of $3,000 for every 30 days that they reside at the facility. Some patients may qualify for a reduced monthly fee, where they will only need to pay a total of $500 for every 30 days they stay at the center. The company also has a sponsor program, where patients can find sponsors who can cover the cost of their treatment.

Massachusetts Teen Challenge Accreditations

No details are offered to patients regarding any type of accreditations that the Teen Challenge centers in Massachusetts hold, or any licensing details of state-related licenses that have been awarded to these facilities for the treatment services they are able to offer their patients. Any patient interested in knowing more about such data should get in touch with the facility.

Massachusetts Teen Challenge Amenities

Patients will gain access to a range of Massachusetts when they are admitted to one of the two local centers owned by Teen Challenge in the area. The Brockton facility offers patients access to laundry facilities, a relatively large kitchen, an auditorium, as well as a gym that is located on the premises of the facility. There are also therapy rooms and classrooms that patients will be provided with access to. Several social events are often held at the premises and patients can also participate in sports like softball and basketball.

Massachusetts Teen Challenge Staff

Getting in touch with a facility such as the Massachusetts Teen Challenge center for addiction treatment services can be a tough decision for many people who are struggling with a substance abuse disorder. For many patients, knowing more about the staff that is responsible for taking care of patients who come to such a facility is important. This can help the patient understand that the treatment team is experienced in dealing with patients who are going through addiction-related issues and make them feel more comfortable in contacting the facility and asking for help with their own addictions.
Teen Challenge does not share any details of their members, including higher up staff or those who are part of their treatment team. The company also does not share information about the staff who are involved in their Massachusetts facilities. Patients who would like to know more about the leadership and treatment teams at Massachusetts Teen Challenge should contact the facility and inquire about such details.

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