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Walden Behavioral Care Overview

Walden Behavioral Care is a facility that is dedicated to providing highly effective services to patients who are suffering from addiction disorders. The facility is equipped with luxurious amenities, along with highly-qualified staff members, who are able to help the patients who come to the facility for treatment with the care that they require in order to overcome their disorders. In addition to providing treatment services for active eating disorders, the facility is also able to provide patients access to relapse prevention services that help to minimize their risk of suffering from an eating disorder again in the future.

Walden Behavioral Care Housing

Housing programs are available at some of the facilities that the Walden Behavioral Care company owns. Patients who are in need of residential care in order to provide them with a more intensive treatment protocol will be offered access to accommodation at one of these facilities.
The residential facilities owned by the company are all equipped with private rooms, which means patients are not required to share their rooms with others who are being treated in a residential program at the same facility. No details are shared in terms of how many patients that facility can treat at the same time.

Walden Behavioral Care Treatment Options

Walden Behavioral Care has developed various treatment services that patients can utilize in order to assist in the recovery of their eating disorders. Each patient will be treated as an individual, and a treatment plan that is appropriate for them will be compiled by the counselors who are responsible for the initial consultation with the patient.
The specific treatment options available at the company include:

  • Inpatient treatment services
  • Residential care programs
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient services
  • Standard outpatient services

Walden Behavioral Care Therapies Provided

Therapy plays a vital part of the programs that patients are offered access to when they are being treated at Walden Behavioral Care. Patients will undergo individual therapy sessions with a psychiatrist at the facility, as well as gain access to group therapy sessions.

Walden Behavioral Care Payment Options

Patients are able to undergo treatment at Walden Behavioral Care through an active insurance policy. They will, however, first need to provide their insurance details to the intake staff at their closest facility in order to get their benefits verified. Patients who are not covered by an insurance plan will need to pay for the services that are rendered to them through the self-pay option provided.

Walden Behavioral Care Accreditations

Walden Behavioral Care has been accredited by the Joint Commission for the treatment services that they offer toward patients who are struggling with eating disorders. Even though the facility does share information about the accreditations that have been awarded to them, they have not provided any details in terms of the licenses that they have been provided by the state departments their facilities are based in. Patients will have to inquire about the licensing status of the facility by giving the company a call or by visiting them directly.

Walden Behavioral Care Amenities

Patients who are treated through a residential program at one of the facilities that are owned by Walden Behavioral Care will be provided access to a number of amenities that will ultimately become part of their journey toward recovery and a healthier lifestyle. The facility is able to provide patients access to comfortable living areas, along with daily meals that are prepared to be delicious and nutritious at the same time.
Patients are also provided access to dance classes, yoga lessons, creative writing lessons, and more. All patients are also cared for as there are psychiatrist and nursing staff at the center 24/7, ensuring patients can gain access to support whenever they need it.

Walden Behavioral Care Staff

At Walden Behavioral Care, the management team is highly experienced in order to ensure every single patient who comes to the facility for the treatment of their eating disorders are able to gain access to specialized programs that will help them succeed with overcoming their eating disorders and get back to a healthier lifestyle. The company has provided a dedicated page on their official website that provides an overview of the executive and leadership team that is responsible for overseeing the activities within the facility, as well as to assist with the development of the programs that patients are provided access to at Walden Behavioral Care.

Stuart Koman (Ph.D.)
President & CEO

Stuart Koman is the founder of the Walden Behavioral Care facility, which he founded in 2003. He started his career in the treatment of specific mental health problems and eating disorders in 1981. Stuart is a board member at the American Association of Mental Health and a lecturer at the Tufts School of Medicine.

James M. Greenblatt (MD)
Chief Medical Officer & Vice President

James M. Greenblatt is recognized internationally as an expert in the treatment of eating disorders. He is a graduate from the George Washington University, as well as the Johns Hopkins Medical School. James has completed his adult psychiatry residency, as well as his fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Paula Vass (MSW, LICSW, MBA, CEDS)
Chief of Clinical Operations

Paula Vass has over two decades of experience in her field and has been in several leadership positions at various facilities since 2003. She is a graduate from the Lasell College, as well as the Salem State University. Paula also obtained an MBA from the Bentley College.

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