A Forever Recovery, Battle Creek, Michigan

Battle Creek, Michigan
216 Saint Mary’s Lake Road
Battle Creek, MI, 49017

A Forever Recovery Overview

A Forever Recovery is a unique rehabilitation facility that helps substance abuse and alcohol abuse patients. It is located in Battle Creek, Michigan and overlooks to a beautiful private lake. And although it uses the standard 12-step approach in cases such as these ones, it creates individual treatment plans for each patient according to the gender, age, issue, severity level, and any special requirements that the patients might have. At A Forever Recovery, there are both residential and outpatient treatment programs as well as a partial hospitalization program (PHP) that the patient can choose to participate in. The programs include individual as well as group therapy sessions. Support and care at all times are guaranteed to the patients upon their arrival.
On-site detox is available and included in the price as well. The detox process takes place in a separate facility that offers a place for 14 patients at a time. What surprises most patients is the fact that in the price that they are paying for 30 days of treatment at A Forever Recovery, they get one year of aftercare included in the same price for after they have completed their treatment program successfully. This way, the patients get a chance to follow up with their counselors and psychiatrists in the year that follows after their treatment and work on any issues that they might face in that time being regarding any possible relapse.

A Forever Recovery Housing

The facility is located near the private lake which gives the patients a great overlook to enjoy it. In the facility, there are bedrooms which are shared with one or two roommates. In each room, there is a bed, a wardrobe, and a desk for each patient. In the main facility, there is also a cafeteria where the patients are served three hot meals each day, prepared in the kitchen at the facility by professional cooks.
The meals are included in the price, and any dietary requirements that the patients might have are usually respected. On the grounds of the facility, there are also offices and areas specialized for individual and group therapy sessions. A private pool, courtyard and a fully-equipped gym are a part of the main facility as well.

A Forever Recovery Treatment Options

At A Forever Recovery, you will find the following treatment options:

  • Residential treatment program – Residential treatment program is among the most famous ones among the rehabilitation facilities for substance abuse and alcohol abuse. The inpatient program requires patients to live in the main facility of the recovery center for as long as their treatment lasts. At A Forever Recovery, the residential treatment program usually lasts for 30 days; however, the patients are free to leave whenever they like. During these days, patients are required to take an active role in the individual and group therapy sessions and any alternative therapies assigned to each patient as a part of their individual treatment plan.
  • Outpatient treatment program – The outpatient treatment program offers patients a chance to live at home while they visit the main facility to take an active role in their individual and group therapy sessions as well as any alternative therapies that are assigned. Weekly individual and group therapy sessions are assigned to each patient regarding his/her needs and the severity of the issue.
  • Aftercare program – A free aftercare program is offered as a part of the full price that the patients pay at A Forever Recovery. The aftercare program is there to assure the patients that the professionals at A Forever Recovery are there to support them and offer advice when they need it during in what probably is the most sensitive period for these patients, getting back to their normal lives with working, attending school and taking an active role in other everyday activities. The aftercare program includes everyday calls from an assigned professional at the A Forever Recovery – calls that become less and less frequent as time passes.

A Forever Recovery Therapies Provided

Therapeutic services that the patient is given access to at A Forever Recovery include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention therapy

A Forever Recovery Payment Options

According to their official website, A Forever Recovery accepts most insurance plans. For more information on the topic, please do contact the official staff via email or phone.

A Forever Recovery Licenses

According to their official website, A Forever Recovery has been accredited with the CARF accreditation. For more information on the topic, please do contact the official staff via email or phone.

A Forever Recovery Amenities

Regular exercise is one of the treatment methods practiced at A Forever Recovery. The staff understands how important regular exercise is to the body and mind and how beneficial it can be in the treatment process. That is why there are plenty of workout activities that these patients can choose to participate in including swimming in a private pool, martial arts classes, yoga, meditation, any sports activity that can be practiced outside on the private courtyard and in the fully-equipped private gym as well.

A Forever Recovery Staff

There is a large group of professionals that are part of the team at A Forever Recovery. This group includes case managers, counselors, nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, and Master-level therapists ready to offer their help and support to whoever might need it at A Forever Recovery.

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