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Lansing Psychological Associates Overview

Lansing Psychological Associates is an outpatient mental health and addictions treatment facility that is situated in East Lansing, Michigan. The facility believes that all treatment services that they provide their patients with should have the ultimate goal of ensuring the patient can gain a more positive outlook on life.
The facility is able to help patients overcome a large range of conditions that they may be struggling with at the time of treatment. In addition to targeting mental health concerns that the patient may present during the initial assessment that the facility conducts to determine they can effectively assist the patient, the facility is also able to help those patients who have developed an addiction to drugs, as well as those who have become alcoholics.

Lansing Psychological Associates Housing

Lansing Psychological Associates does not offer housing to their patients as the services they are able to offer the patients who come to them for treatment are based on outpatient settings. What this means is that the patient will not remain at the facility for the entire day and they will not stay through the night. The patient will be requested to report to the facility at specific days and times of the week, where they will then go through therapeutic sessions with psychiatrists, as well as counselors.

Lansing Psychological Associates Treatment Options

Lansing Psychological Associates has implemented treatment services that they can provide to patients of all ages. Since this facility does not only provide assistance to patients dealing with addictions, they have established a range of mental health treatment services that can help children and adolescents overcome problems like low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and other issues that are common among the youth.
Each new patient will first be processed by the admissions office at Lansing Psychological Associates. During this procedure, a counselor will have an interview with the patient to determine what conditions they are experiencing and what type of treatments the patient requires to heal and recover.
Services that may be provided to the patient:

  • Psychological services for mental health disorders
  • Treatment for existing addictions
  • Psych assessments
  • Medication management

Lansing Psychological Associates Therapies Provided

Various types of therapeutic services can be provided to the patients who opt for a treatment program at Lansing Psychological Associates. The specific types of therapies that will form part of a patient’s treatment plan depending on their specific condition, how severe their condition is, whether or not they are also suffering from an addiction, and other particular factors that serve an important purpose in determining how the patient should be treated.
Therapeutic services that are available at Lansing Psychological Associates include:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Family counseling
  • Marriage and couples counseling
  • Group therapy

Lansing Psychological Associates Payment Options

An initial payment will be expected from the payment for undergoing the assessment process. After this process has been completed, the patient will be charged on a per-session basis. Patients can determine if their insurance policy would cover the fees charged to them for the services rendered at Lansing Psychological Associates by providing their insurance card to the admission staff members. We were unable to determine if special payment arrangements can be made with the facility.

Lansing Psychological Associates Accreditations

Lansing Psychological Associates has held accreditations from various institutions since as early as 1985. The company was awarded accreditation from J.A.C.H.O. in 1985, and the accreditation was valid until the year 1992. In 1992, the company was awarded a CARF accreditation, and they have been maintaining this accreditation ever since they first obtained it. The company is also licensed to provide counseling services and other mental health related treatment services to patients in the Michigan state.

Lansing Psychological Associates Amenities

Lansing Psychological Associates does not provide any specific details about amenities that they provide patients with, except for the fact that patients are able to schedule appointments when they are not able to attend a meeting during the standard clinic hours that the facility operates in.

Lansing Psychological Associates Staff

Lansing Psychological Associates offers a comprehensive list of the staff members who are active at the facility on their official website. One thing that we noted is that they really care about the patient knowing all of the most crucial details of the staff members that will be providing them with treatment services when they come to the facility. This is why the facility does not only share a list of board members or directors but also provide patients with an overview of the staff members who will be actively involved in their therapy sessions and generally in the patient’s outpatient program.

James R. Engelkes (Ph.D.)
Chief Executive Officer

James R Engelkes is a licensed Psychologist and has over four decades of experience in this field. He focuses on providing psychology services to adults, as well as older adolescent patients. James had previously served as the president of the Vocational Guidance Association in Michigan and served as a professor at the Michigan State University between 1969 and 1985.

Theresa F. Braden (LMSW)

Theresa F. Braden is a Licensed Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in social work. She can provide psychological services to children, youth, adolescents, adults, and families Theresa has more than 20 years’ experience and focuses on providing couples therapy and family therapy sessions, as well as individual therapy sessions, to patients at Lansing Psychological Association.

Jessie Maynard (PsyD)

Jessie Maynard is a licensed counselor and psychiatrist who specializes in numerous areas of mental health, including addiction disorders, neurofeedback, and more.

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