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New Paths Overview

Situated in scenic Flint, New Paths is a unique treatment center that deserves our attention. The treatment center was established back in 1979 with a purpose to serve as a cost-effective alternative for jail or prison-bound adults with non-violent offenses. In 2007, New Paths added programs whose primary objective was to help treat substance abuse disorders in the community. Flint is the largest city and a seat of Genesee County and the seventh largest city in Michigan. The city faced various problems throughout the history, particularly in recent years. Water crisis, economic struggles, and other socioeconomic issues troubled the city and its residents.

Drug use is nothing uncommon, but getting help ensures successful recovery which is exactly what New Paths tries to achieve. The center provides useful programs for offenders who need to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for the residential plan. The goal of the treatments, regardless of the program, is to help residents overcome substance abuse, develop new skills, continue education, increase employment chance, and so much more. This is not a regular treatment center that is only reserved for people who can walk in and work on their drug-related problem. Instead, New Paths also gives new hope to offenders that they can turn their life around.

Housing at New Paths

New Paths Inc. has been around for decades, and during this time they had the opportunity to develop well-structured programs that promise to help residents have a healthier substance-free life. While the facility provides inpatient programs that indicate residents do spend up to 90 days there, little is known about the actual housing and accommodation. Inpatient programs provide housing and regular meals to resident alongside their treatment, but further descriptions are not provided. New Paths also provides sober living homes or halfway houses which are highly supervised environments with curfews, therapeutic meetings, and shared chores to support sobriety. Unfortunately, detailed information about these facilities and the setting is kept confidential, and the official website doesn’t feature anything about it.

Treatment Options at New Paths

New Paths primarily focuses on providing programs for offenders from the 67th and 68th District Courts of Genesee County and several other counties. In order to take part in the program, potential patient or resident needs to meet several criteria which include:

  • At least 17 years of age
  • No serious medical problem or a life-threatening disease
  • No extensive pattern of jail or prison commitments
  • Doesn’t require medical detox
  • Doesn’t have a mental illness and he (or she) is not taking medication for psychosis-related problems
  • No recent history of IV drug use or a history of chronic addiction to Schedule 1 or 2 drugs
  • Not suicidal

Treatment options provided by New Paths include:


This particular program is reserved for the felons who meet the standard admission requirements. Lasting 90 days, the program focuses on providing substance abuse therapy together with helping residents improve self-control and learn life skills. In addition, the program improves the employability skills of residents and allows them to continue education.

Long-term OUIL

This 90-day program was specifically created for those who were convicted of OUIL (operating under the influence of intoxicating liquor) the third offense. However, the program is also suitable for patients who have a history of alcohol or substance abuse not needing inpatient treatment. Basically, the program includes all therapies from the Standard plan in addition to AA meetings, substance abuse therapy.


The acronym PRV stands for (probation rule violator) and, as you can already conclude, it refers to people who have violated terms of their probation. The program length is 30 days but the actual duration varies from one patient to another, it can be increased or decreased. During the program, residents learn how to get employed, improve self-control, and a great emphasis is also on substance abuse management.

Day Reporting

Day reporting is basically a non-residential program for parolees and probationers. They are required to report daily via telephone or personally for nine weeks. The program revolves around substance abuse therapy and education. Patients also learn how to improve decision making, employment chance, manage stress, and much more.

Other Programs

SAI boot camp – lasts for 30 to 90 days and involves graduates of the Michigan Department of Corrections Boot Camps
A friend of Court program – alternative to incarceration for persons who don’t meet the requirements for child support payment
Intervention weekend – an educational program for men and women who were convicted of first or second offense drunk driving
ATI and drug court programs.


New Paths helps patients who are addicted to:

  • Alcohol

Payment Options at New Paths

The official website of the New Paths Inc. treatment facility does not provide any information about payment options. This is a slight disadvantage to persons who are interested, or they want to see whether their friend or family member can join are unable to find the info they need.


New Paths has the CARF accreditation. Here, CARF stands for Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and it’s an international nonprofit organization founded in 1966.

Amenities at New Paths

New Paths is a place where offenders can get the much-needed help to get back on the right track. The treatment facility provides both inpatient and outpatient programs that not only help patients overcome their substance abuse program, but it also focuses on improving their skills. That way, they have a higher chance of getting a job, manage stress, and avoid going back to old habits in stressful times.

New Paths is a place where probationers, parolees, felons, and other offenders can overcome their substance abuse problem and get ready for a healthier, more productive life. Numerous treatment options are available for persons who meet the criteria and sign up for an inpatient or outpatient program. However, the official website lacks important information, and that’s something they definitely need to work on.


New Paths has a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff who do their best to help patients in need. The treatment facility has 75 staff members and although the official website features a “Staff” section that information is not available at this point.

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Executive Director

Erin McClelland
Director of Clinical Services

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