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Partners In Change Overview

Partners In Change was founded by a married couple in order to help people in the local community who are struggling with addictions. The company has been providing treatment services for one and a half decade and only specializes in offering patients access to a range of outpatient programs. All patients who come to Partners In Change for assistance with their addictions will be offered an individualized approach to ensure they can recover based on their specific circumstances.
In addition to the standard treatment programs that patients can undergo at the company, a range of specialty services are also available. While the company originally only founded a single facility, they now operate two different facilities in order to expand the area that their services can cover.

Partners In Change Housing

There are no housing programs available for patients to undergo residential treatment at Partners In Change. The company also does not offer patients any type of sober living program or transitional living environment where they can stay while they are recovering through the treatment services provided to them at the facility. All patients need access to their own accommodation while they are being treated.

Partners In Change Treatment Options

Partners In Change does not only focus on substance abuse disorders but consider themselves a complete mental health treatment solution. All services are outpatient programs that offer patients access to affordable counseling solutions to assist in addressing the root causes of the issues that they might be going through.
Treatment options that are provided to patients when they come to Partners In Change may include:

  • Individual addiction recovery services
  • Individual mental health services
  • Programs for couples with relationship programs
  • Programs for families with conflicts and other issues

Partners In Change Therapies Provided

Partners In Change focuses on counseling as a means of helping the patient heal and to ensure the patient can overcome the conditions that they are experiencing. Various types of therapies are offered to patients who are being treated at the facility, such as:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Couples therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Schema-focused therapy
  • Acceptance therapy
  • Commitment therapy
  • Mindfulness-based therapies

Partners In Change Payment Options

Some insurance programs may cover the costs that are billed to a client for taking part in the counseling services that are offered to them at Partners In Change. There are three insurance providers that consider Partners In Change an in-network provider of outpatient care services, including Medicare, Aetna, and the Michigan division of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Patients who are not insured will be billed on an hourly basis for the services that they utilize at the facility.

Partners In Change Accreditations

Partners In Change does not provide details in terms of their accreditations or licenses, which some patients may find unpleasant. Ensuring facilities are appropriately licensed to offer patients addiction recovery and mental health services is vital. Patients should get in touch with the company if they would like to determine if the Michigan state departments have licensed the services they are offering to their patients.

Partners In Change Amenities

There is not a significant number of amenities that we can note about Partners In Change, primarily because the company does not offer patients access to residential services or aftercare programs. Patients will need to have their own accommodation if they wish to be treated at one of this company’s centers. Still, some useful benefits are available to patients, such as the ability to take part in meditation and yoga classes, as well as animal-assisted recovery programs. A specialized group therapy system designed for female patients specifically is also available.

Partners In Change Staff

Partners In Change has a caring team of staff members that offer their services to the patients who come to one of the company’s facilities for treatment to help them overcome their addiction disorders. In order to ensure patients can understand the experience that staff members hold, the facility has created a page on their official website that is dedicated to sharing information about the clinicians who are involved at the company.
This helps patients understand what they should expect when they decide that they would like to undergo an outpatient treatment program at Partners In Change. While there is a description of each staff member’s experience and qualifications on this page, it should be noted that no pictures or titles are shared along with this data.

Ann L. Date (Psy.D, LP) – Co-Owner

Ann L. date is a highly qualified psychologist that offers her services to those who come to the Partners In Charge facility for treatment. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and she is actively involved in the development o treatment programs that are offered at the facility.

Thomas J. Olson (Psy.D, LP) – Co-Owner

Thomas J. Olson founded the Partners In Change company together with his wife, Ann L. Date. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has been actively involved in governmental programs, including programs developed by the Department of Corrections. He has also gained experienced while working at multiple mental health facilities in the past.

Angel J. Foster (LMSW)

Angel J. Foster is qualified in Social Work. She is a graduate from both the Central Michigan University and the Michigan State University.

Angela M. DuBois (MA, LLP)

Angela M. DuBois has an M.A. degree in Clinical Psychology. She primarily specializes in providing mental health recovery services to children and adolescents. She is a Limited Licensed Psychologist.

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