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River Ridge Treatment Center Overview

River Ridge Treatment Center is a facility that focuses on providing patients with treatment programs that are tailored toward specific genders. The center was founded in 1972 and have since provided treatment to thousands of patients who had previously suffered from a mental illness or an addiction. Ridge River Treatment Center has perfected their treatment approaches through the years and continue to focus on providing top-quality care for their patients, in order to guarantee the success of the programs they have to offer.
The company believes that men and women respond in unique ways to the approaches used to treat both substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses. This is why they decided to create two different departments that treat genders separately. Women and men are provided with a unique range of programs that they can utilize to get better and to help them on the road toward recovery. The center specializes in depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, and many other mental illnesses that can cause a significant disruption in a patient’s life. Additionally, patients with an alcohol or drug addiction can also utilize the facility to help them overcome the addiction.

Housing at River Ridge Treatment Center

While a large number of patients undergo outpatient recovery services from the River Ridge Treatment Center, the company has also established inpatient residential treatments that can help patients with more serious addictions, as well as those with co-occurring mental disorders, become part of a healthy, safe environment that will promote better recovery. It should be noted that the residential programs offer housing that only sleeps a small number of patients at a time, which means availability is often restricted, and patients may need to go onto a waiting list if they need to be admitted to one of these programs.
The housing available from River Ridge Treatment Center under their residential programs include:

Glen Creek Lodge – The Glen Creek Lodge was developed to provide recovery treatments for men. This residential treatment center is located in Burnsville and has 16 beds in total to provide full-time treatment to patients. The center is situated at a convenient location, offering easy access to a park and a lake, as well as a series of walking trails. The lodge features a design that makes patients feel at home, safe, and ensure that they obtain the support they need to recover from their condition. All staff members at the Glen Creek Lodge are male.

A Woman’s Way – The second lodge that is owned by River Ridge Treatment Center is called “A Woman’s Way” and has been dedicated to the residential treatment that the company has developed for female patients. Similar to how the Glen Creek Lodge features an all-male staff team, A Woman’s Way is staffed by a number of female-only employees to create a safe, familiar environment for the patients undergoing treatment.

Treatment Options at River Ridge Treatment Center

Patients can undergo treatment at River Ridge Treatment Center as part of either an inpatient program, which requires the patient to stay in one of the facilities during their treatment period or under an outpatient program. A variety of programs have been developed by the medical staff at the center to ensure different conditions can effectively be treated.
Treatments offered at the center are divided between the two different genders, ensuring men and women can obtain treatments that have been tailored to how they respond to different types of procedures, including medication and abstinence from the substance they have become addicted to.
Addictions and co-occurring mental health illnesses are treated simultaneously to ensure the patient can recover from all of these conditions while they stay at one of the inpatient facilities, or while undergoing an outpatient care program.

Programs tailored toward female patients include:

  • Outpatient programs
  • Residential treatment at A Woman’s Way
  • Beyond Trauma Treatment
  • Recovery Maintenance Program
  • Family Program
  • Continuing Care Treatment

Programs that have been tailored to male patients include:

  • Outpatient programs
  • Residential treatment at the Glen Creek Lodge
  • Recovery Maintenance and Continuing Care
  • Family Program
  • Exploring Trauma Program

Payment Options at River Ridge Treatment Center

Specific information regarding the price range for the treatment programs and services that are offered by this center is not provided. The center claims that every patient presents a unique case and requires individualized treatment in order to best assist them in their recovery. For this reason, we have no data on the price that patients should expect to pay when admitted to the residential or outpatient programs.
It should be noted that the residential treatment facilities accept payment from a number of insurance programs, including Pre-paid Medical Assistance, Minnesota Medical Assistance, and commercial insurance agencies. Alternatively, clients can opt for private pay to pay out of insurance. Patients who are unable to pay for their treatment in one installment are able to arrange for special payment plans that allow them to make monthly contributions toward their bill once they are released from the program they have been admitted under.


River Ridge Treatment Center is a fully licensed substance abuse and mental illness organization that offers a range of services that have been evaluated and approved by the local State government. The organization’s facilities are licensed by two state-based parties and departments, including:

  • The Minnesota Department of Human Services
  • The Minnesota Department of Health

Furthermore, the center is also a member of various associations, including:

  • The Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health
  • The Dakota County Chemical Health Providers Council

All of the medical staff members that offer treatment under any program that is offered by River Ridge Treatment Center are also Board-Certified by appropriate local departments of the government.

Amenities at River Ridge Treatment Center

All of the facilities that provide residential treatment to patients who are admitted to the River Ridge Treatment Center offers full access to medical staff, including 24/7 monitoring by licensed and trained nurses.


While River Ridge Treatment Center does indicate on their website that all of the staff members have been licensed with the appropriate authorities in the state and that they only provide services through qualified and experienced medical professionals, they do not share any specific details of the staff that are employed at any of their centers. Patients are not provided with the names of administrative staff, medical staff, or the management team that operates any of the facilities where the treatment programs are provided at River Ridge Treatment Center.

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