The Cronin Home, Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester Minnesota
825 West Silver Lake Drive NE
Rochester, MN, 55906

Overview of The Cronin Home

The Cronin Home is a facility that offers transitional housing to homeless people and individuals who have recently achieved sobriety. The mission of the Cronin Home is to provide housing facilities to the homeless and chemically dependent men and women in the form of a protective and caring environment. The home offers its residents with the opportunity of quality recovery by providing them with support, respect, hope, and encouragement. Since its establishment more than 35 years ago, the center has successfully provided a sober and comfortable environment to clients where they can experience an improvement in the quality of their lives. At the Cronin Home, all clients are treated with dignity and respect irrespective of their gender, race, religion, illnesses, or physical/mental disabilities. The center offers a nurturing and understanding environment where clients are offered addiction education and life skills development education. They are enabled to maintain their self-respect and a healthy lifestyle so that they can mend broken relationships. They are offered vocational assistance which helps them in securing good jobs. With the guidance of the compassionate staff and an encouraging and supportive environment, residents are empowered to become independent, happy, and healthy individuals with productive and fulfilling lives.

Housing and Food at the Cronin Home

The Cronin Home is located in Rochester, Minnesota. It is a beautiful house surrounded with green lawns and beautiful views. The house offers a clean, safe, and sober living environment for residents to improve the quality of their lives. The house can accommodate 36 men and 8 women at one time. New inductions are made based on the need and severity of the issue experienced by the individual. Residents stay in dorm-style rooms which are shared between two individuals. Rooms are furnished with twin beds, side tables, lamps, and dressers for each client. Each room also has a TV with cable. Each room has an attached bathroom that is shared. Residents are provided with laundry facilities and other basic amenities. Clients are also offered Wi-Fi at the facility. There is an in-house chef at the house who prepares healthy and delicious home-style meals for residents three times a day. Meals are served in the cafeteria where all residents eat together. On Saturdays and Sundays, residents are offered a hearty brunch. Apart from the three meals, residents are allowed to eat leftovers, snacks, bread, cookies, and other stuff at whatever time they want. The kitchen is open 24 hours a day. Residents also have access to various healthy drinks and beverages.

Treatment Options

The different services available at The Cronin Home are:

  • Sober Living for Homeless
  • Sober Living for Addicts
  • Sober Living for Individuals in Recovery

The Cronin Home does not offer any treatment services. It is just a board and lodge facility where residents are offered a sober and clean environment where they can continue their journey in recovery.


The Cronin Home offers the following therapies to its clients:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Meditation

Payment Options at The Cronin Home

The Cronin Home provides a safe and sober environment to the homeless and other people in recovery where they can continue in their recovery journey. The center accepts the Group Residential Housing assistance that low-income residents receive from the state for their lodging and boarding. Apart from this assistance, residents are required to pay a small amount out-of-pocket for the services they receive at Cronin Home. This amount comes at about $1,350 for 30 days duration. All costs are included in this amount including food and other amenities. The center provides clients with all information regarding financial matters at the time of induction so that there are no hidden surprises.

Licenses and Accreditations

The Cronin Home has the following accreditations and licenses:

  • Licensed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHSA
  • Member of the Minnesota Association for Recovery and Chemical Health

The Cronin Home Advantages

The Cronin Home is a boarding and lodging facility that offers a clean, private, and sober environment to men and women who are homeless or have recently recovered from some addiction or mental health problem. The center provides residents with the opportunity to improve their quality of life in an environment that is conducive to recovery. Residents are provided with support, acceptance, and understanding which enable them to leave their past behind and focus on the future with a new resilience and motivation. They are offered counseling and group meetings through which they can share their emotions and feelings. This helps them in developing their life skills and coping skills. The sober environment helps them in preventing relapse and maintaining sobriety. They are empowered to become independent by securing good jobs and leading a productive life where they serve as a healthy, happy, and beneficial members of the community.

Staff at The Cronin Home

The Cronin Home offers good quality lodging and boarding services to chemically dependent men and women in recovery. The center is staffed by a group of caring and compassionate individuals who provide 24/7 services to their clients. The staff is highly trained and experienced in its respective fields. The treat each resident with care and compassion to help them feel at home. They encourage the residents and provide them with opportunities to improve their quality of life to become better and healthy versions of themselves. The staff at the Cronin Home comprises Master-level therapists, counselors, licensed professional counselors (LPCs), social workers, and licensed social workers. Registered nurses are also on the staff at the Cronin Home. Residents are offered vocational and job assistance by specialists in the field. A chef also is part of the staff who prepares nutritious and balanced meals for all residents each day. Other members of the staff include administrative personnel and other support staff.

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