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COPAC Treatment Center Review
3949 Mississippi 43
Brandon, MS, 39047

Even though part of the Elements Behavioral Program, COPAC is renowned for its treatment methodology and distinguished practices. These practices are based on COPAC’s setting, sunbathe meadow ranch half an hour away from Jackson, where its patients are not at risk of being exposed to vibrancy of civilization – specifically, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling.

COPAC: Treatment and Staff

While minimal inpatient stay at the center is 14 days, which can lead to 4-month treatment if required, most patients stay from 30 to 60 days, as COPAC’s therapy has proved effective in that time frame. Four phases of treatment, primary, transition, step-down, and outpatient, are performed through following therapies:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Adventure-based therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Family program

Depending on the phase of their recovery and assigned therapies, clients also attend the 12-steps meetings to regain willpower and self-empowerment. As of phase four, clients are usually able to attend school or work during the day, and attend their therapies and meetings in a more relaxed manner during the evening.

Starting at 6:30, the morning routine at COPAC includes breakfast, exercise, Big Book therapy, and group therapy until lunchtime. After that, clients attend additional group therapies and exercises. After dinner at 5:30 PM, the clients are free until the AA meeting at 8 PM. This routine has proved successful as the staff always put their expectations on patients’ ability to recover and regain. Moreover, to ensure a healthy progress, the honesty board has been introduced, in order for patients to acknowledge their misdoings and find strategies not do so anymore.

COPAC’s 5 day family program is of major importance, and it’s usually presented during the third or fourth week of treatment. This way, COPAC accentuates the impact that any abuse can have on family life, and emphasizes education on addiction as a tool for family to fight it together.

Through their recovery process, patients are supported by highly educated medical and counseling staff.

COPAC: Facilities and Extra

Located in such an environment that includes a pond and walking paths, COPAC radiates with comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, from its white clapboard buildings crowned with a chapel, to rooms furnished in a cozy manner. Speaking of rooms, each of the clients residing at COPAC has a roommate, and shares a bathroom. Moreover, to establish a positive routine that will lead patients to recovery, each residence has a kitchen for which patients supply together, based on a medically approved list of groceries. To relax themselves furthermore and focus on their healing, patients have a gym, beach volley court, and tennis court at their disposal.

COPAC: Rules and Regulations

A 30-day treatment at COPAC costs $9000. In addition to patients being obliged to make their meals, shopping lists, do their laundry and maintain general cleaning, male and female residents are separated during their stay at the center. This, however, does not alter equity of service provided nor does it decrease chances to heal, but on the other hand teaches same-sex respect.


Providing its patients with focused therapies and healing routines, COPAC offers a wide specter of treatments in order to successfully fight the abuse. Drug, alcohol, sex, food, and gambling issues are treated and resolved with effort of staff and cooperation with clients and their families. To boost equality and spark progress, even the CEO of the center will give presentation, classes and lectures during the family program week. Using the benefits of its location, COPAC will teach its clients personal responsibility, and from its remote off-civilization sanctuary, help them make their way back to society.

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