Reality House Programs Recovery Center, Columbia, Missouri

Jesse Hall and Francis Quadrangle
1900 Prathersville Rd
Columbia, MO, 65202

Reality House Programs Overview

Reality House Programs is a non-profit organization that was established to offer individuals charged with criminal offenses the ability to reside at their facility in order to recover from behavioral problems, as well as addictions, before they are re-introduced to society. The facility has been offering judges in the local area with an alternative to more traditional sentences. Instead of sending criminals back to jail or placing them under a type of house arrest program where they will be supervised by appropriate officers, the facility has ensured they meet all the standards set out by judges and local authorities to provide housing and treatment for these individuals while they are recovering.
In addition to the main residential care services the reality House Programs offer, the organization has also developed an outpatient program, which they recently introduced to patients in need of assistance in recovering from their addictions, without the need for undergoing residential treatment.

Reality House Programs Housing

The Reality House Programs facility is relatively large, where as many as 80 patients may reside at the facility at a time. The facility has been divided into two wings, and each of these wings is gender-specific. Male patients will reside in one of the wings, while the other wing offers accommodation for female patients who are admitted to the residential treatment program offered at Reality House Programs. Each room is fitted with two beds, which means patients are required to share the bedrooms while they are undergoing treatment. Multiple bathrooms are available in the facility and are shared among the patients who reside here at any given time.

Reality House Programs Treatment Options

Treatment services at Reality House Programs focus on behavioral issues, mental health programs, and addictions that the patient might be suffering from once they are issued by a local Judge to be admitted to the facility prior to re-entering the local community and becoming part of society again. While staying at the residential care unit, the patient will be transported on a daily basis to the outpatient facility to undergo various types of treatment programs, which include:

  • Counseling services
  • A minimum of 50 hours’ worth of treatment activities per week
  • Homework assignments
  • Psycho-education classes
  • 12-step meetings

Apart from providing patients with treatment services while they are in recovery, it should be noted that Reality House Programs also features aftercare services. Thus, patients who have completed the initial treatment program that was designed for them will be able to continue receiving care and support.

Reality House Programs Therapies Provided

Therapy is provided to all of the patients who are in treatment at Reality House Programs. Patients need to attend several one-on-one sessions each week, and will also become part of multiple group therapy meetings.

Reality House Programs Payment Options

In the majority of cases, the patient will be liable for paying the bill that will be issued to them for the treatment services they need to utilize at Reality House Programs. The average bill for a 30-day residential treatment program is usually around $3,000. Some patients may be eligible for a treatment grant, but there are certain criteria that the patient needs to meet in order to qualify for this type of grant. No details are provided regarding the acceptance of insurance policies at the facility, but patients can get in touch with the staff employed in the administrative division at Reality House Programs for more details.

Reality House Programs Accreditations

We could not find any details in terms of the specific credentials of the Reality House Programs. There are no details provided regarding accreditations that any National bodies might have presented the facility for the services they are offering patients in the local area. Since the facility does offer state-based programs, however, they are likely to be appropriately licensed by the local authorities in California. Patients who would like to know more about the credentials of the facility should contact the center directly for more details.

Reality House Programs Amenities

Patients who are admitted to the Reality House Programs organization for the treatment of behavioral issues and addictions should realize that the facility only offers them access to a range of basic amenities, such as access to closet space, where their clothes and personal belongings may be kept during their time in residential care.
There are a few offerings that should be noted, such as sex education programs that are made available to patients on a monthly basis. Patients may also visit a clinic in the local area through arranged transportation services offered by Reality House Programs. Additionally, patients may also utilize the case management services that the facility offers.

Reality House Programs Staff

While it is often important for patients to understand who will be caring for them if they are being treated at a facility like the Reality House Programs organization, this particular company does not share any details in terms of the staff that are employed at any of their facilities in order to provide patients with the services they may need to recover from the addictions they are suffering from, as well as the behavioral and mental problems that they experience.
It is important to note that this facility specializes in providing services to criminals who have been sentenced by a local judge, which means patients may not have an alternative option available to them.

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