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ReDiscover Overview

Founded in October 1968, Missouri, ReDiscover is a community resource for women, men, and children living in Jackson County, Missouri suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues. It is a non-profit organization that was started by a group of people who believed inaccessible and affordable health care for people with mental illness, emotional, and behavioral problems. ReDiscover also treats individuals battling co-occurring disorders. The agency believes in family-centered recovery and offers family therapy for individuals in the inpatient and outpatient program. This also involves group therapy and education sessions for the family about the impact of addiction. Spread through three separate locations in Kansas City, ReDiscover operates three inpatient treatment programs at Armour Boulevard, Catherine’s Place (which is also a children’s daycare center), and Lee’s Summit. The first location operates an inpatient and outpatient program for single women; Catherine’s Place caters to pregnant women and mothers and is one of the few programs in Kansas City that allows for mothers to bring along their children for treatment and Lee’s Summit services adult men and women. The center offers a style of treatment which is evidence-based and tailored to fit the specific needs of each patient. The organization also has options for individuals to engage in group therapy, 12-step programs, job readiness, parenting classes, on-site child care, and stress management.

Accommodation & Schedules

The centers’ Armour Boulevard branch can house about 11 residents, with each resident sharing a room with one or two other single women. Mothers share rooms with their children and pregnant women are to share rooms with other pregnant women. Catherine’s place can house up to 14 women and has an outdoor playground and a play area for children, while Lee’s Summit can house up to eight men and women. In the latter, roommates are categorized by gender. All three facilities offered by the organization give modest accommodation but with limited storage. The facilities also have TV and relaxation centers.
Residents who are receiving treatment are given three meals daily. A regular day often begins with waking up early and having breakfast. Women residing at Catherine’s Place, with the help of staff, usually make their own breakfast. Breakfast options range from cereal and eggs to bacon. The women also attend morning group session and may have an individual session before lunch which takes place in the early afternoon. Group sessions may continue until dinner after which the residents of Catherine’s Place return back to their units for rest.

Treatment & Therapy

The facility offers various types of care for its patients. These include:

Inpatient Treatment

This form of treatment usually entails an individualized therapy strategy which is designed to meet the need of a client. Various models of therapy consisting of individual, family, group therapy, and 12-step meetings are also offered here.

Aftercare Program

This 8-11 month program is for residents who have completed treatment and are committed to achieving long-lasting recovery. This may also include group and individual therapy.
The following are some of the issues treated at the hospital:

  • Substance Addiction (Opioid, Alcohol, etc.)
  • Co-occurring Disorders
  • Mental Illness (Suicidal thoughts, trauma, etc.)

Therapy Options

The hospital offers a list of therapy options for patients which include:

  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Addiction Education
  • Crisis Support
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Individual Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention


ReDiscover costs vary depending on the treatment program the client is registered to. The organization accepts most insurance plans include Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, and payments made by the healthcare provider. Donations can be made to support the various works and programs that the organization is involved in. Multiple donations are put into different uses such as:

  • $50: A donation which goes into monthly payments of client bus fares to and from the treatment center and place of
  • work.
  • $100: A donation which goes into medication expenses for clients with suffering from mental health problems.
  • $250: A donation which goes into outreach expenses to help teenagers with suicidal thoughts.
  • $500: A donation which goes into housing and feeding of homeless clients battling mental health and substance abuse issues.


The organization is approved and accredited by (CARF) The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Why ReDiscover

Involving family in the recovery process is a key part of the treatment programs, so family therapy is a program incorporated into the inpatient and outpatient programs. It involves educating families on the importance of communication and addiction in its entirety. ReDiscover’s Alt Care Program allows women who have past criminal offenses to take part in mental health and substance abuse programs but this is an outpatient service. The organization provides intensive programs which are run by experienced and educated professionals making it one of the top choices for treatment and recovery, especially for women with kids or women currently pregnant.


Jennifer Craig
President (Chief Executive Officer)

Jennifer is licensed and certified to be a Clinical Professional Counselor and went to The University of Northwestern where she got her Bachelor’s degree. She holds her Masters of Art from The Trinity International University in Counseling Psychology and Masters of Science from The University of Capella in Organization and Management (specializing in Human Resource Management). With 25 years of experience in the mental and behavioral health sector, she prides herself in the proper delivery of services to individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorder.

Stewart Chase
Senior Vice President

Stewart holds a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Brigham Young majoring in Finance and also went to the The University of Webster where he got his Master’s degree majoring in Information Management and Computer Science. He has over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare sector and has worked at ReDiscover for over 20 years now. He oversees the administration of the organization making sure that all operations are effective and efficient.

Amanda Pemberton-Johnson
Vice President (Human Resources)

Amanda went to Queens University where she holds her Bachelor’s degree from and University of Central Michigan where she holds her Master’s degree in Administrations majoring in Human Resource Management. She is certified and a Professional in both the SHRM-CP (Society for Human Resource Management – Certified Professional) and PHR (Professional in Human Resources). She has been in the Human Resource sector for over 17 years and is in charge of employment and employee management and relations.

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