The Life Change Center, Sparks, Nevada

Pyramid Lake, Nev
1755 Sullivan Ln
Sparks, NV, 89431

The Life Change Center Overview

The Life Change Center was established in 1999 to provide patients in the local area with affordable treatment services that can help them address certain types of addictions that the patient might be suffering from. All of the services offered at the center are based on outpatient programs, and patients will need to attend sessions at the facility on specified dates and times.
According to the Life Change Center, about 72% of the patients who come to them are able to successfully overcome their addictions in the first two months while they are undergoing treatment. In addition to the main facility that was established in 1999, the Life Change Center has since also established a second center to expand the reach of the services they offer.

The Life Change Center Housing

The Life Change Center does not offer any type of residential treatment program, and patients are not given access to housing programs. All of the patients who would like to be treated at the Life Change Center will have to undergo treatment through an outpatient program. This means the patient will need to reside at their own home or will need to make plans for their own accommodation when they are interested in undergoing a treatment program at the Life Change Center. No details are provided in terms of the possibility that the patient could reside in a sober living environment at an affiliated organization.

The Life Change Center Treatment Options

The Life Change Center only offers outpatient services to patients who are struggling with overcoming addiction. Services provided to a patient depends on the specific addictions that they are suffering from. Patients first undergo a consultation to help the facility understand what exactly the patient is going through – this allows for a customized solution to be developed to help target the specific addictions and the severity of the addiction that the patient is suffering from.
Treatment services that are currently offered to patients who come to the Life Change Center include:

  • Therapeutic services
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Group and support programs

The Life Change Center Therapies Provided

The primary services that are included in any patient’s treatment program when they come to the Life Change Center include individual therapy session with a licensed and highly experienced counselor. In addition to the patient having to undergo individual therapy sessions, the facility also makes several group therapy sessions available to patients who are part of their outpatient programs.

The Life Change Center Payment Options

The Life Change Center is a very affordable treatment center that focuses on helping those patients in need who are unable to afford some of the more expensive treatment facilities in the area. All patients are responsible for their own bills. Patients who are insured through Medicaid are able to attend outpatient services through their medical insurance policy. Details of other insurance companies accepted are not provided. Patients who are not insured and unable to afford to pay their bill upfront should consult with the financial consultant at the facility to make special arrangements.

The Life Change Center Accreditations

The treatment services that are offered to patients at the Life Change Center have been reviewed and approved for their quality by the CARF national body. This body only provides accreditations to facilities who are able to provide their patients with quality services that promote sobriety. Details about licensing of the facility are not provided on their official website, which might be seen as an inconvenience to some patients who would like to come to the facility in order to get the help they need to recover from their addictions.

The Life Change Center Amenities

There are no special amenities that patients are given access to at the Life Change Center. The company is unable to provide patients with accommodation while they are being treated in an outpatient center. There are certain types of convenient services that patients are provided with, such as Medication-Assisted Treatment, that makes the programs offered at the facility more convenient for patients with specific addictions.

The Life Change Center Staff

When it comes to being treated for addictions, many people feel insecure. They are not sure which facility to get in touch with to undergo treatment for the addictions that they are suffering from. For this reason, it is often crucial for patients to know that the staff members who are employed at a specific facility are able to provide them with professional services. This is why many companies decide to list some of their most important staff members on the website that represents them and the services they are able to provide.
The Life Change Center does not offer a comprehensive overview of their team members, but they do offer a limited overview that includes the names of the various counselors who are involved at their facility. Patients who would like to know more about the qualifications of the staff members and the experience held by the counselors at the Life Change Center will need to contact the facility directly for more details.

  • Brooke Adams (CADC-Intern) – Counselor
  • Carly Andrus (MSW) – Social Services Coordinator
  • Dan Hight (CADC) – Community Relations Coordinator
  • Eric Hare (BSW, CADC) – Site Director – Carson City
  • Grant Denton – Peer Recovery Specialist

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