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Advanced Health and Education Treatment Center Rehab Review – A Bright Future

Through its five locations nation-wide, Advanced Health and Education (AHE) helps men and women overcome their alcohol and/or drug addiction. The most representative locations are the Northeastern ones. One is in Eatontown, New Jersey, and the other in Pennsylvania. Both locations offer outpatient and intensive outpatient programs. Partial Hospitalization Program can only be found in Eatontown.

Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The treatment program of AHE is designed to break the chains of substance abuse and addiction. Although medical detox is not a part of AHE treatment, the staff is prepared to refer clients to local detox services if necessary.

Clients enrolled in the Partial Hospitalization Program are in treatment from 9 AM to 03:30 PM Monday through Friday. Since this is not a traditional inpatient program, clients spend their nights at home. Sober activities and 12-step meetings are included in the programming for PHP clients. Although the 12-step meetings are not intended for outpatient clients, their attendance to outside meetings is encouraged.

Therapy sessions rely on both CBT and DBT. Clients with co-occurring disorders are provided with medication management services. Once a week, primary therapists engage clients in individual therapy. Group sessions include substance abuse processing as well as psycho-education. Process groups offer clients the freedom to express their opinion, discuss their current issues while receiving feedback and support. Psycho-educational sessions enable them to learn about the concept of addiction – causes, triggers, and consequences.

Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) clients attend group meetings for nine hours a week during sixteen weeks. After completion of IOP, clients are suggested and encouraged to step down to regular outpatient treatment which includes two meetings per week. Those clients who are looking for a light treatment have the option to forego IOP and begin with regular outpatient care.

Advanced Health and Education’s Executive Director has a Master’s in Social Work, as does the Clinical Director who also has a CADC. When it comes to IOP, the Clinical Director has a CADC and a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling. The staff includes seven more CADCs.

Advanced Health and Education: Facilities and Extras

As mentioned above, the inpatient program at AHE is, in fact, its Partial Hospitalization Program. What makes it non-traditional is the fact that clients don’t eat, sleep nor participate in therapy in the same location. Also, AHE is not a lockdown facility, so PHP clients are accommodated in a Marriott building, where the staff is made completely out of behavioral health technicians.

Marriott offers small suites where each resident has a roommate. Every bedroom has a TV and a small kitchen. Each client gets $75 per week to make a grocery list. Although the staff does the grocery shopping, meals preparation are a responsibility of residents.

One of the extra services of AHE is the Hope track, which helps those (age 18 to 30) who struggle with independence while fighting their addiction, and at the same time have trouble maintaining employment or school. On the other hand, the Faith track – chronic relapse track, is a 45-day commitment, during which clients experience the revolving door syndrome.  Clients of Faith track are usually 18-24 years old.

AHE looks after its clients and makes an effort in helping them find continuing care programs in their area to prevent potential relapses. AHE’s staff does so by carefully coordinating aftercare for each client within the extensive network of addiction specialists across the United States.  Ongoing monitoring is another extra service which AHE provides and incorporates in the aftercare plan. This is accomplished through the Alumni Association and case managers.

Rules and Regulations

The admission process at AHE starts with a simple phone call, during which the intake coordinators provide clients with all the necessary information. A complementary assessment of their insurance benefits is also performed, in order to help potential clients decide if AHE rehab center in New Jersey is the right choice.

For those interested, a tour of the facilities is available. Because of the highly individualized level of care offered at AHE, the space for accommodating clients is limited. This is why each client must reserve an admission as soon as he/she feels ready.

Advanced Health and Education cost is $16.000 for 30 days of Partial Hospitalization Program and $450 for the intensive outpatient program. AHE can work with many insurance companies and is usually able to accept insurance payment without placing a financial obstacle upon the insured. Medicaid and Medicare are not accepted.

Upon arrival to the facility, clients are presented with certain rules and regulations, one of which is that there are no phone privileges during the first ten days of treatment. After this period, clients receive phone passes twice a week.

There is no smoking inside any of the Advanced Health and Education’s facilities.


Advanced Health and Education program is committed to providing comprehensive and effective counseling services to adults who are experiencing alcohol and drug addiction. Each client of this facility is assigned a team of therapists to plan, implement and monitor every phase of the recovery.

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