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Alina Lodge
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Alina Lodge is substance abuse treatment center founded by a nutritionist Geraldine

Delaney in 1957. The campus is located on a 77-acre property in the rural part of New Jersey. Residents stay in five houses. Every house has the capacity to accommodate up to 12 clients. Needless to say, buildings are gender-specific. Although some rooms have their own bathroom, in most cases, there is only one bathroom per floor. Meals are served buffet-style.

Alina Lodge: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

The main goal of the recovery in Alina Lodge is integration into society, changing one’s maladaptive behavior patterns and attitudes. The center provides a temporary home for alcohol and drug users, especially to those prone to relapse.

The first step toward recovery after the admission process is detox. Alina Lodge provides around the clock supervision and care during the withdrawal period. Detoxification unit has the capacity of 10 beds, and duration of this phase depends on the substance of choice and the average dose taken.

The long-term treatment program is based on the fact that healing is a time consuming process. The program is based on 12-step philosophy, family therapy, and life skills development. Clients are considered students who need to learn how to function without the drug.

The treatment plan is highly individualized, and it takes into a consideration co-occurring disorders as well as the addiction issues. Every student is assigned to a counselor for individual therapy sessions, and they also need to attend group therapy.

Some of the services Alina Lodge provides include:

  •         Sex addiction treatment
  •        Gambling addiction program
  •         Anger management
  •         Eating disorder group
  •         Co-dependency
  •         Grief group
  •        Trauma work
  •        Relapse prevention
  •         12-step meetings
  •        Nicotine cessation

The staff of the Alina Lodge includes addiction counselors, medical personnel, trauma specialists, family counselors, eating disorder therapists, and nutritionist.

The continuum of care in the center includes detox, inpatient treatment, wrapped up with aftercare services.

Families are also encouraged to take an active role in the recovery process of their loved one. The goal of the family therapy and counseling is to understand addiction and its impact on the family. Therapy includes educations, small group discussions, and introduction with Al-anon family groups.

Facilities and Extras

Alina Lodge puts an accent on the holistic approach which includes yoga, meditation, religious services, exercising, and consultations with a nutritionist.

There are special therapeutic groups for young adults, students with gambling, smoking, and grief issues.

Rules and Regulations

The average stay in the Alina Lodge varies from 3 to 6 months, in some cases even 10.

Daily schedule in the center is quite strict. The day begins at 7 AM. Students have to be in the dining room by 7:15, and breakfast starts in 7:30 followed by meeting about daily assignments, orientation for new students, and lectures. Lunch is served at 12:15. After the meal, clients attend student sessions. After that, they have some free time until dinner which is served at 5:45. Evening therapy sessions start at 7:30 PM. Lights are out at 11:15 PM.

Students are not allowed to make phone calls or write emails. They can communicate with an outside world by writing old fashion letters. Clients can watch television only two hours per day.


Alina Lodge is addiction treatment facility that provides comprehensive inpatient care for alcohol, drug, and gambling addiction, as well as co-occurring and eating disorders. If you are in need of strict, supportive environment, this center might be the right place for you.

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