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New Hope Foundation Overview

New Hope Foundation is a behavioral center that offers health care services to assist with the rehabilitation of patients with substance abuse disorders. The facility offers a large range of services and programs that can be customized to ensure each patient obtains the care they need to overcome their addiction. The foundation also provides addiction treatment solutions for different types of addictions, including:

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Gambling addiction

The goal is to ensure each patient that is admitted to any of their programs can walk out of the facility free of their addiction. In addition to a variety of residential programs, several outpatient services are also provided by the New Hope Foundation. The institute offers a variety of payment methods and has a page that allows a person with an addiction issue to assess their problem and determine whether or not the facility would be able to provide them with the help they need.

Housing at New Hope Foundation

New Hope Foundation has several residential programs that are suitable for adults and adolescents with substance abuse disorders. An inpatient facility is owned by the foundation, as well as halfway houses that provide further recovery services to individuals who have gone through the initial treatment phase of their program. The New Hope Philip House is a halfway house that has been dedicated to male patients, while the New Hope Long Branch House offers continuing recovery services for female patients.

Treatment Options at New Hope Foundation

The institute has developed various treatment programs that aim to deliver appropriate solutions to specific problems that patients may be dealing with. The New Hope Foundation specializes in different types of addictions, ranging from substance abuse problems to gambling addictions. The treatments provided by the institute can also assist with addressing symptoms of co-occurring mental illnesses that patients may experience, such as:

  • depression
  • social phobia
  • anxiety

The facility offers various residential treatment programs for patients who need to be admitted and cared for as an inpatient. Two halfway houses are available for patients who complete the initial phases of their treatment at the inpatient facility, allowing patients to be re-introduced to social situations and to give them continued support on their road to recovery.
A 48-hour IDRC program is also available at New Hope Foundation. The facility offers a program for patients who were ordered by the court of conviction to attend an Intoxicated Driving Program.
Withdrawal management programs are also available as part of the detoxification services that are offered by the New Hope Foundation. For many of the programs offered by the institute, the withdrawal management treatments often act as the first step to help patients become “clean” and to begin their journey towards recovery.

Payment Options at New Hope Foundation

Each of the treatment programs that are offered to patients at the New Hope Foundation is tailored to the needs of that particular patient. The estimated amount that patients are expected to pay for a 28-day stay when admitted to one of the residential programs at the institute is around $5,700, but it depends on the types of treatment that will be provided to the patient.
Several payment options are available at the institute. Patients with private health insurance can discuss claiming the funds from their insurance agency. Some government insurance policies will also cover the costs of some treatment programs that are offered by the New Hope Foundation.
Individuals who are not covered by any health insurance policy can apply for special funding and contact the institute to find out if they qualify for grant-funded services. A repayment plan can also be provided to those who do not qualify for grant-funded treatment services at the institute.


The New Hope Foundation holds accreditation from CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). This is a nonprofit organization that provides accreditations for rehabilitation institutes that offers quality care with certified and licensed health care providers, including therapists and physicians, employed at the facility. The New Hope Foundation was also recently honored by the Mental Health Association of New Jersey, as well as by the Kiwanis Club.

Amenities at New Hope Foundation

Several amenities are provided by the New Hope Foundation’s facility in New Jersey. The halfway house and the residential programs all come with monitoring day and night by trained professionals who can provide care to all patients that have been admitted to one of the treatment programs. Support groups are also offered to help patients socialize with each other and gain support from peers who have gone through the same substance abuse problems as they have. Several resources are also available that helps educate individuals on the harm that drugs and alcohol do to their bodies, and to help the individuals prevent remissions.
The New Hope Foundation is an addiction treatment center that provides care toward patients with substance abuse disorders, as well as those with gambling addictions. The center has multiple treatment facilities that can be utilized by patients, each providing specialty care for patients depending on their gender and age. Separate programs are available for adults and adolescents. Two halfway houses are available, one for women and the other for men, which plays an important role in the recovery process after withdrawal symptoms have been addressed.


The details of the staff members that are employed at the New Hope Foundation facility are not shared on the institute’s official website, which means patients are unable to obtain data regarding the professionals who will be caring for them when they are admitted to the facility.
The website that represents the institute does share details of two members that are part of the foundation:

  • Tony Comerford, Ph.D. – Present and the CEO of New Hope Foundation
  • David Roden, LCSW, LCADC – Vice president and the COO of New Hope Foundation

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