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Ambrosia Treatment Center New Jersey Overview

Located in Medford, New Jersey, Ambrosia Treatment Center is a substance abuse facility that offers short-term residential treatment to clients with co-occurring disorders. Clients with co-occurring disorders might find this facility to be a good option, as its programs are geared more towards individuals with such an issue. The facility also incorporates evidence-based treatment modalities such as the 12-step model, medication management, individual therapy, and group therapy. Clients registered in any of the Ambrosia treatment facilities can be referred to other rehabs in other states depending on the level of care needed.
On admission, clients are required to complete an intake assessment and this evaluation will help determine the kind of care the individual requires. If clients are in need of detox, they will be referred to an off-site detox facility, as no facility on-site offers such care. Clients typically last in the detox program for about three to seven days, after which they are transferred to the residential treatment program. The average duration of stay in the residential program is 30 days and clients participate in activities such as individual therapy sessions once weekly, several group therapy sessions weekly, art and music therapy, psychoeducation classes, and many more.
Clients registered at the facility are also required to attend daily on-site Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. During these meetings, therapy methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing, and motivational interviewing are utilized. Dual diagnosis support is offered at the facility and a staff psychiatrist is available weekly to administer medication management.
Topics addressed during group therapy includes methods to deal with stress, coping skills, traumas or grief, relapse prevention, and many more. The staff team at the facility consists of licensed clinical social workers, certified alcohol and drug counselors, nurses, and many more.

Accommodation And Food

The treatment center is situated on a large expanse of land (44 acres) and is located in a quiet, private, and serene environment. Clients are healing at the facility benefit from the quiet and safe environment, which is away from the everyday noise they are used to. The location of the facility encourages individuals to focus on themselves and gaining full recovery.
Clients are housed in a large home with modern décor with a clinical treatment center right beside it. The home can house up to 12 clients in shared bedrooms and each room comes fully equipped with en-suite private bathrooms.
With enough ample space, clients can relax and let off steam in the game room, make meals in the state-of-the-art kitchen, enjoy TV shows in the living rooms, and eat meals in the dining room.
All meals served to residents are professionally-catered and all clients are entitled to three meals daily. Snacks and healthy options are available throughout the day.

Treatment & Therapy

Ambrosia Treatment Center New Jersey offers multiple treatment and therapy services to clients with co-occurring disorders and dual diagnosis. Some of these are:

  • Medical detox
  • Residential treatment
  • Outpatient treatment

Medical Detox

The facility offers medical detox to clients in need of such care at the beginning of treatment. This program is important as it helps rid the body of all substances (alcohol and drug) and is the most uncomfortable part of treatment. Clients are constantly monitored to make sure that there are no complications.
The following are a list of conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse disorders
  • Co-occurring disorders

Ambrosia Treatment Center Therapy Options

Ambrosia Treatment Center offers a wide range of therapy options to clients seeking treatment for co-occurring disorders, which includes:

  • 12-step meetings
  • Eye movement and desensitization reprocessing
  • Psychoeducation
  • Individual therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Coping skills
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy


Ambrosia Treatment Center costs vary depending on the treatment program a client is registered into. It costs about $21,000 to $25,000 for a 30-day treatment at the facility. Although prices stated are subject to change as the length of stay and level of care advances may vary, the facility accepts most commercial insurance plans. Insurance plans accepted include Value Options, AmeriHealth, Cigna, United Healthcare, and many more. For more clarity and information, clients are encouraged to contact Ambrosia Treatment Center.


Ambrosia Treatment Center is fully accredited by the Joint Commission.

Ambrosia Treatment Center Advantages

The treatment center is located on a vast area of land which offers ample space for recreational activities such as a tennis court, a basketball court, and many more. Other holistic and therapeutic activities offered include massages and acupuncture which are offered twice weekly and yoga classes which are offered once weekly on-site. Other services offered include an exercise area where clients can work out thrice weekly.
The treatment center also offers a bi-weekly family program to clients registered at the facility. This program consists of multiple therapy sessions and e-therapy for family members of clients. After the completion of a primary program, the facility creates an aftercare plan for the client that may include sober living options or outpatient options.
With the location of the facility being in a private area, clients can gain recovery in an environment that provides safety and structure. The staff team at the facility is highly-trained and provides quality care to individuals registered at the facility. Although the duration of the program is 30 days, the facility provides treatment plans and options that will help the client months after discharge.


Casey Castronova
Clinical Director

Casey has over 8 years of experience working in both outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment facilities. She is licensed to practice clinical alcohol and drug counseling, as well as clinical social work.

Charlene Dunkley
Clinical Supervisor

Charlene is passionate and focused on treating clients with dual diagnosis disorders and trauma. She went to Temple University where she earned a Master’s degree in Social Work. Charlene is also licensed to practice clinical social work.

David Babcock
Primary Therapist

David is very passionate about helping clients through the journey to long-term recovery. He incorporates spirituality, 12-step modalities, counseling, and humor to his treatment techniques. He is also certified to practice alcohol and drug counseling.

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