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Straight & Narrow in Paterson Overview

Straight & Narrow is a non-profit organization established in 1954. It is a Catholic treatment facility for substance abuse dedicated to helping people in Paterson, New Jersey. They have an experienced professional staff ready to provide education, health care, and prevention services to individuals who have problems with substance abuse. It’s important to note that this treatment facility is located in the city, so it doesn’t provide the “bubble” atmosphere other similar facilities do.


Although the home base of Straight & Narrow is located in Paterson, there are outgrowths of the program in Paramus, Passaic, and Secaucus. This treatment facility has shared bedrooms and bathrooms for its clients, who are expected to do chores and keep their personal spaces tidy. Those who seek help need to go through the screening process of the admission department. Typically, you go through an interview that is conducted by an admissions counselor. These interviews aren’t always done in person. They can also be done via secure video conference or during a telephone call.

Straight & Narrow has thus far opened up two apartment complexes. The first is a 23-unit apartment facility for low-income individuals with special medical needs. There is also a 50-unit facility that was designed for homeless women and men with special medical needs. Certain units were made to accommodate people with disabilities. Each apartment has a sink, fridge, stove, and a private bathroom. The security and staff at the facilities are present 24/7. Aside from accommodation and medical support, Straight & Narrow Apartments offers services like financial counseling, support groups, and recreational activities.

Treatment Options

Treatment Programs for Men

It’s worth noting that men and women go into different programs. There are two different types of treatment programs for men – short-term and long-term. There are many services that are offered in both programs, including:

  • Vocational training
  • Group counseling
  • Spiritual services
  • Recreation
  • Recovery support services
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Family education and therapy

Of course, there are also specialty groups for people with relapse or anger issues, stress, PTSD, to name a few.

Treatment Programs for Women

On the other hand, there are three different programs women can choose from. The programs are called Alpha I, Alpha II, and Alpha III.
The Alpha I was a program designed for women searching for long-term treatment. The average length of stay for it is 6-9 months. If you’re carrying a baby, the treatment facility will allow you to keep it with you after giving birth. Every woman who begins this program will have general assistance and medical benefits, as well as spiritual guidance and support. Alpha I is located in Paterson.
Alpha II patients usually stay between 6 and 12 months in the treatment facility located in Secaucus. Just like with Alpha I, women who enroll in this program will always have general assistance, medical benefits, and support.
Alpha III was specifically designed for the woman with children and pregnant women who have an open Division of Child Protection and Permanency case and are Work First participants. The Alpha III program is more intense than the former two, and it includes education regarding parenting and child development as well. Those who have an open Division of Child Protection and Permanency case and are pending reunification with their child who is up to 5 years old can enroll in the program.

Pastoral Care

Since Straight & Narrow is a Christian treatment facility, it helps its clients on their spiritual journey to a better life. It’s hard to recover from substance abuse if you don’t have faith. That’s why the pastoral care staff is dedicated to help you regain faith and attend to your spiritual needs. You will be provided with spiritual guidance both in groups and individually. The pastoral care staff organizes:

  • Bible study groups
  • Art groups
  • Choir

Retreats to bring the people closer.

Medical Day Care

The medical day care was established back in 1987, which currently helps up to 36 clients every day. It was designed to provide outpatient care services to those who need them. Some of the services that are provided in medical day care include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Dietary counseling
  • Daily nursing
  • Individual and group drug and alcohol counseling

If you live within a 25-mile radius of the treatment center, transportation to and from the medical daycare will be provided to you. You will also get a light breakfast and lunch every day. It’s worth noting that the clients can participate in different indoor and outdoor activities while here.

Outpatient Treatment

In case you seek treatment but don’t want to spend the night at the facility, you can enroll in an outpatient treatment program. If you struggle with substance abuse, it will be easier for you to fight your demons by having a supportive group of people around you. At Straight & Narrow, you will be in a caring and understanding environment. Before you start treatment, you will first speak to a counselor and discuss the problems you’re currently experiencing. Once you detail your struggles and express your needs, the counselor will determine the length and intensity of your treatment.

Monsignor Wall Social Service Center

Monsignor Wall Social Service Center is an outpatient detoxification program designed to help pregnant women, individuals involved in the criminal justice system, and those who are HIV positive. It represents a medically monitored treatment regimen that offers various services.


Dr. Sam Pirozzi is the executive director of Straight & Narrow. He has over 35 years of experience as a licensed clinical drug and alcohol counselor. He is also a mental health counselor, and a marriage & family therapist.

Hayman Rambaran is the medical director of this treatment facility. He finished his undergraduate training at the University of the West Indies and has been affiliated with Straight & Narrow since 2000. He earned the title of medical director in 2007.

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