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Turning Point is alcohol and drug addiction treatment center founded in 1975 in the Essex County, New Jersey. Through the years, treatment programs evolved and the center grew to become what it is today. The facility provides short-term residential and outpatient programs for clients struggling with addiction and mental health problems. The facility in Verona provides basic outpatient and intensive outpatient program.

Turning Point: Treatments, Programs, and Staff

Turning Point offers its clients medically supervised detox service in the 10-bed facility. The treatment is available for alcohol and opiate addiction. After the initial assessment, clients are assigned a counselor who has the task to create an individualized treatment plan and schedule.

Clients who enroll in the intensive outpatient program attend group therapy sessions and individual counseling totaling nine hours a week.

Therapy is based on cognitive behavioral approach and motivational interviewing with a focus on a relapse prevention plan. Also, for individuals with mental health issues, medication management is provided.

The duration of the intensive outpatient program is six weeks on average, but it can vary depending on client’s needs. For patients who are in a court-ordered rehab, weekly drug tests are mandatory.

Clients who are enrolled in the basic outpatient program meet once a week for group therapy and once in two weeks for individual counseling. Also, they are encouraged to go to an AA or NA meetings in their community. The average duration of the basic outpatient program is two weeks.

Facilities and Extras

In addition to their regular programs, Turning Point provides aftercare services to their clients. When it comes to the family program, the center provides two treatment options—Family Wellness and Family Education. Both programs emphasize the importance of family involvement in the recovery process.

The residential treatment facility is located at the Barnet Medical Arts center and the Anderson House, and the sober living facility is placed in White House station. As a part of continuing care, Turning Point provides transitional living service for female clients.

Rules and Regulations in Turning Point

Patients who are going through detox are not allowed to bring cell phones, music devices, books, magazines, or gums. Also, there are only four cigarette breaks per day. Rolled cigarettes are not permitted. In order to be admitted to the residential treatment, clients have to be at least 18 years old.


Turning Point provides comprehensive outpatient care for people who are struggling with addiction. Aside from basic inpatient and intensive inpatient program, the center offers detox services as well as medication management. If you are looking for additional support after the residential rehabilitation, Turning Point might be the place for you.

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