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Crossroads For Women Overview

Crossroads for Women is, as the name suggests, a treatment location that only serves female patients. The company was established to provide high-quality recovery services to women in the local area that may be going through a difficult time due to the development of addictions, as well as those who are experiencing problems with their mental health alongside a substance abuse disorder.
The company has been serving female patients in the Albuquerque region since 1997 and was originally founded by an attorney who wanted to change the way people looked at homeless women in the area.
Crossroads For Women has developed a number of treatment programs over the years in order to support women with addictions in the local area, and are now also able to help those women who are mothers, as some of their sober living housing projects can accommodate children along with their mothers. In addition to the sober living programs, the company has also developed outpatient treatment programs, along with life skill services that help equip women with the skills they need to succeed in life.

Crossroads For Women Housing

There are two different facilities where women can be provided access to housing and accommodation while they are in recovery. The specific house that the patient will be provided access to depend on the findings of their facility’s initial assessment of the patient’s condition. The main Crossroads house can accommodate up to 30 female patients at a time and also welcomes children to come and stay with their mothers during the recovery phase. The Maya’s Place house is a much smaller facility that can provide accommodation for up to 12 female patients at a time. Women are provided access to relatively small rooms and may sometimes be required to share rooms with other female patients.

Crossroads For Women Treatment Options

Crossroads For Women has developed various services in order to ensure they can offer each patient with an individualized experience. The treatment programs are usually customized to meet the demands and needs of the specific client, as their condition and unique circumstances are considered before they are admitted to a program. Treatment options may include:

  • Transitional housing program
  • Permanent supportive housing project
  • Peer-on-peer support services
  • Outpatient treatment services
  • Life skill development programs

Crossroads For Women Therapies Provided

Patients being treated in an outpatient program at Crossroads For Women will frequently attend therapy sessions with an appointed psychiatrist at the main facility in order to help them with overcoming their substance abuse disorders, as well as mental health problems. Group therapy sessions are also offered as part of the outpatient services.

Crossroads For Women Payment Options

The fees that are charged to patients for undergoing treatment at Crossroads For Women and those who require access to the sober living projects that the facility has developed are based on a sliding-scale system. Each patient’s unique circumstances are taken into consideration to determine how much they can afford to pay. Patients may also talk to a financial counselor at the main facility to discuss monthly payments instead of a once-off payment for their treatment. No details are provided in terms of whether the company accepts insurance providers.

Crossroads For Women Accreditations

Crossroads For Women as not shared any details about accreditations that they have been awarded for the programs and services that the non-profit organization is able to offer their patients. We could not determine if the local New Mexico state departments have licensed the facility for the provisioning of addiction recovery services in the local area.

Crossroads For Women Amenities

There is not a large variety of amenities that patients will gain access to when they come to Crossroads For Women to be treated for their addictions and their co-occurring disorders. While some food products are provided to the patients who are residing in sober living programs, as well as the transitional house, patients are responsible for making their own food.

Crossroads For Women Staff

Most patients who are considering being admitted to a rehabilitation center to help them overcome their addictions would want to be as comfortable as possible before they proceed toward contacting the center. One of the factors that often make the patient feel more secure in getting in touch with such a facility is the ability to know about their staff members beforehand – understanding that they will be treated by professionals in the field of addiction recovery services is surely helpful.
Fortunately for women who are concerned about who will be developing their treatment programs and caring for them when they come to Crossroads For Women to be treated, the company does offer a comprehensive overview of their staff members on the company’s official website. Patients can use this information to learn more about the staff members that they are likely to meet when they are being treated at the facility and when they utilize the housing programs offered by Crossroads For Women.

Cory Lee (MA) – Interim Executive Director

Cory Lee has been working with women struggling to overcome addictions for almost a decade. She is a graduate from both Columbia University and the University of New Mexico.

Kelly Gilbreth (LPCC) – Director of Clinical Services

Kelly Gilbreth has both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree. She is a graduate from the Roosevelt University in Chicago, as well as from UC San Diego.
Other staff:

  • Jeanette Carver (BSW) – Director of The Crossroads Co-Program
  • Susan Wells (BS) – Maya’s Place Program Director
  • Tory Aragon (AC) – The Pavilions Program Director

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