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Beacon Center Overview

Beacon Center is a facility that focuses on helping patients overcome addictions through a variety of outpatient care services, including an intensive outpatient treatment program. The facility specializes in dealing with adults that are struggling to overcome addictions to prescription medication, illicit drugs, as well as those who have developed an addiction toward alcohol. While the company does focus on outpatient services primarily, they do have a single sober living house that they use to treat men who qualify for a residential treatment solution. At the moment, no female patients will be provided with an inpatient treatment service, however.

Beacon Center Housing

The majority of the programs that patients are offered when they come to Beacon Center for assistance with their addictions are outpatient treatment solutions that do not provide the patient with housing or accommodation during their treatment phase. Thus, no specific housing projects are offered by the facility. It should, however, be noted that the company operates a facility where male patients can be treated, but not all male patients will necessarily qualify for an inpatient treatment program.
The patient should first be assessed by the admission staff members to determine the specific type of care program they require to recover from their addictions – the staff member will be able to determine if the patient would benefit from an inpatient or outpatient treatment setting.

Beacon Center Treatment Options

The programs that are offered by Beacon Center mainly focuses on outpatient settings where the patient is provided a schedule that they need to adhere to. The patient needs to report to the facility at specific scheduled times, where they will then undergo services and treatments that are part of their program. The programs are all customized toward the individual patient in order to not only address their addictions but also to ensure any co-occurring disorders that the patient has can be treated simultaneously.
The specific types of treatment options that patients are presented with at Beacon Center may include:

  • Outpatient counseling services
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Opioid Treatment Program
  • Compass Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Male Reintegration Program (At the Albert O. Nichols House)

Beacon Center Therapies Provided

Therapy plays a large part in allowing patients to recover from the addictions that they are suffering when they come to the facility for assistance. Every patient will need to report to the center to undergo individual sessions with a therapist that has been appointed to them several times per week. In addition to these individual sessions, patients will also be required to attend group settings where a counselor will be active to lead to the group and help the patients share their stories, become educated on drugs and alcohol addiction, and to provide further support to each patient.

Beacon Center Payment Options

Details about the possibility of insurance providers being accepted have not been shared on Beacon Center’s website. Patients are required to pay an initial visit fee of $195, which will include their assessment. For every subsequent visit to the center, the patient needs to pay $40.

Beacon Center Accreditations

The official website for Beacon Center does not provide an overview of any accreditations that national bodies might have awarded the company in the past. We were also unable to determine if the facility has been licensed by the local New York state departments. For patients who are interested in understanding the legal status and authority of the company, we advise they get in touch with the company directly. There are staff members who would be able to provide the patient with more information.

Beacon Center Amenities

There are no noteworthy amenities offered by Beacon Center to patients as no inpatient services are provided to most of the patients who come to the facility for treatment. Most patients will only be provided with an outpatient treatment program. Men who need to be admitted to an inpatient treatment program will be provided housing at a separate facility that is also owned by the company. No specific details are provided in terms of this facility.

Beacon Center Staff

Beacon Center has a relatively large number of staff members who are employed at their center to help the patients who come to them for support overcome their addictions more effectively. The staff members are all dedicated to ensuring the long-term recovery of each patient who is admitted to their outpatient treatment programs, as well as those male patients who need to undergo residential services at their sober living house. The center shares a list of the most important staff members involved at their facility on their official website, ensuring patients can get an overview of who they will meet at the facility, and who will be providing them with the psychiatric services that they would need to recover from their substance abuse disorders.

Faith Nichols-Peterson
President and Founder of Beacon Center

Faith has been serving in various positions in the field of addiction recovery treatment for more than three decades. She is certified as an Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor. Faith obtained her medical degree from the State University of New York.

Nathaniel Webster (MD)
Medical Director

Nathaniel Webster has been providing his professional services to patients at Beacon Center since 1995. He is licensed to provide his psychiatric services to patients in Georgia, New York, and California. Nathaniel is a graduate from the Meharry Medical College, Nashville.

Jacqueline West (MBA, RN, CASAC)
Chief Executive Officer

Jacqueline possesses exceptional skills in terms of business management and has been involved with numerous treatment programs in the past. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

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