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Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers Overview

Saint Jude Retreat Twin River is a facility that forms part of a bigger network of centers that specializes in the treatment of addictions. These centers are able to help patients with an active addiction to alcohol, as well as those who abuse drugs, whether the drugs are prescription-based on illicit. All of the facilities that form part of the Saint Jude Retreat network, including the Twin Rivers branch, all take advantage of “The Freedom Model”, an approach to the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions that does not believe in treating these conditions like a disease, but rather focusing on positive changes that promote lifelong recovery among the patients.
The approach taken in terms of treating a patient with addiction by this network of facilities were researched by the founder, along with other team members, all of whom are experts in addiction treatment. They came up with the conclusion that standard treatment methods that are usually provided to patients do not offer them a real chance toward lifelong recovery, which is why they started to provide treatment under the “Freedom Model” system.

Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers Housing

The Twin Rivers division of the Saint Jude Retreat network is a residential treatment unit that specializes in providing patients with the perfect environment that promotes recovery while they are taking part in the program that was developed for them. All patients that are admitted to this facility will be provided with access to shared rooms that feature dorm-style layouts.
The bedrooms in the facility are semi-private and come with special mattresses that ensure each patient can get a good night’s sleep, every single night while they are staying at the facility. At the moment, up to 20 patients can be treated at the same time at the Twin Rivers department.

Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers Treatment Options

The Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers branch specializes in residential treatment and primarily provide patients access to their unique “The Freedom Model” approach to help the patient recover from their addictions. All of the treatments are based on a confidential and one-on-one approach, and the company does not believe in the default 12-step program that is used by most facilities that assist in the treatment of addictions and co-occurring disorders.
The idea of the treatment model is to ensure lifelong and long-term recovery, instead of providing the patient with access to services that will help them stay sober for a short while.
Some benefits that patients experience when they opt for The Freedom Model to help them recover include:

  • An educational-based program that takes the patient into account
  • Works for both alcohol and drug addictions
  • The model is entirely non-judgemental
  • Thousands of patients have already been successfully treated

Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers Therapies Provided

The inpatient treatment program offered at the Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers focuses on providing the patient with therapeutic services that will ensure they can recover from the addiction that they are suffering from. The majority of the therapeutic services that the company provide the patient with are based on a one-on-one approach, but other types of therapies may also be introduced, depending on how severe the patient’s addiction is.

Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers Payment Options

Some insurance providers pay for the services provided at the Saint Jude Retreat network, but patients should verify their benefits before they are admitted. If the patient’s insurance provider does not cover these costs, then the patient will be responsible for paying their bill through the company’s self-pay option. When a patient is unable to come up with the full amount for treatment before they are admitted, they can make special arrangements to pay their bill off in monthly installments.

Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers Accreditations

No information related to accreditations, memberships, or licenses are provided on the official website that represents Saint Jude Retreat or the Freedom Model treatment program that they offer.

Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers Amenities

Saint Jude Retreat’s Twin Rivers department is not as strict as some of the other facilities in the area that provide addiction recovery services. While many of these facilities tend to restrict patient access to many facilities and devices, this recovery facility gives their patients more freedom. Patients are allowed to bring their laptops, as well as their smartphones, while they are staying at the Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers center.
The patients at the facility are also provided with access to WiFi internet while they are staying there. In addition to these amenities, the center also provides patients access to music instruments, as well as equipment to give them an opportunity to enjoy some sports.

Saint Jude Retreat Twin Rivers Staff

The entire Saint Jude Retreat network was initially run by a group of volunteers who provided their professional services to patients who were in need. Today, however, the group has a large number of employees that serve patients while they are undergoing a residential treatment program at the Twin Rivers facility.
The company provides a complete overview of important staff members that patients might meet during their stay at the facility, ensuring that patients know they will be treated by professionals who have prior experience in dealing with individuals who are suffering from addictions.

  • Mark Scheeren – Co-Founder
  • Michelle Dunbar – Executive Director
  • Steven Slate – Researcher and Author
  • Ryan Schwantes – President
  • Jerry Brown – Co-Founder, Senior Research Fellow

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