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Cornerstone Medical Arts Center Overview

Cornerstone Medical Arts Center is part of a larger network, known as the Cornerstone Treatment Facilities Network, that offers specialized services for individuals who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. The center has been in operations since 1974, giving them over four decades of experience in the treatment of addiction disorders. The Medical Arts Center developed by the Cornerstone network focuses on the provisioning of residential and inpatient treatment options that are more intensive than those offered by the other facility owned by the same network.

Housing at Cornerstone Medical Arts Center

The Cornerstone Medical Arts Center has a relatively large facility that provides 150 beds. The facility is also divided into multiple parts, with each department providing 50 beds. In addition to the standard treatment departments, a specialized unit has also been developed where the detoxification program is offered to patients first entering the residential treatment services that the facility offers.
All rooms in the facility are shared by two patients at the same time. There are twin beds installed in every room. Closets and dressers are shared among the patients. Additionally, each room has its own bathroom, providing better comfort to each patient, as they would only need to share the bathroom with their dedicated roommate.

Treatment Options at Cornerstone Medical Arts Center

All of the treatment programs that are offered at Cornerstone Medical Arts Center have been developed to assist patients in recovering from their addictions and offered on an inpatient basis. This means that all patients who come to this center for treatment are expected to stay in the facility, with full housing provided, including a bed, bathroom, and daily meals.
The primary treatment provided with each plan consists of counseling. Licenses therapists offer both one-on-one sessions and group therapy sessions, all of which is implemented to help the patient recover and heal.
Patients who need to undergo treatment at this center are first evaluated through a consultation. An appropriate treatment plan is then customized toward their needs. The majority of patients admitted will start out with detoxification to help ward them off the drugs or alcohol they have become addicted to. Aftercare will then be provided to help the patient stay off these drugs.

Additional treatments provided by the center include:

  • Anger management
  • Housing assistance
  • Life skills training
  • Medical services
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Payment Options at Cornerstone Medical Arts Center

Patients who are admitted to the Cornerstone medical Arts Center are able to utilize coverage options provided by their insurance agency in order to pay for the services rendered by the facility. No fees are charged for the initial consultation, but once a patient is admitted to a program, the cost of treatment needs to be authorized by their insurance provided or paid in cash up front.

Insurance providers that cover the treatments offered by Cornerstone Medical Arts Center include:

  • Healthfirst
  • Empire BlueCross BlueShield
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • MetroPlus Health Plan

Patients who are not covered by an insurance plan and not able to meet the full cost of their treatment beforehand can arrange with a financial counselor to pay monthly installments. These arrangements need to be made before the patient is admitted under the residential treatment options that the facility offers.
The specific cost of treatment is not shared on the official website of the center. The company claims that each patient receives a customized care plan, which means the cost will defer from one patient to another patient.
The majority of patients are expected to pay approximately $14,000 to undergo the residential treatment program, which includes a 28-day stay at the facility.


Cornerstone Medical Arts Centers have been licensed by the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Additionally, the facility has also been accredited by the CARF, or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, a non-profit organization that was founded in the 1960s who provides accreditation to rehabs and treatment centers that can prove they offer quality care.

Amenities at Cornerstone Medical Arts Center

Cornerstone Medical Arts Center has tailored services that focus on inpatient care, which is why the facility ensures each floor has staff that is attending to patients at all times. What makes this treatment center very unique is the fact that they also make exercise an important part of their treatment plans – and exercise has been proven to provide beneficial effects in terms of mental wellbeing.
Clients are provided access to Tai Chi, yoga, and stretching classes, all of which has been tailored toward the individuals who are currently taking part in the inpatient programs to help them recover from their addictions.
The facility also offers family and group sessions to support patients who are going through a tough time.


Many patients find that it is useful for them to know about the staff that is employed at a rehabilitation facility prior to their admission. This helps them get acknowledged with the medical team and the therapists who will be administering their treatment and can help the patient feel more confident in knowing that they will be cared for by professionally trained individuals.
Unfortunately, Cornerstone Medical Arts Center that not provide a list of any staff members that are part of their facility. Additionally, there are no details shared of the management team or directors of the rehabilitation center.
The company does not, however, that they have a team of licensed nurses and physicians, along with Clinical Substance Abuse Counselors, who are responsible for the treatment of all patients.

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