Walter Hoving Home, Garrison, New York

Hudson River in Garrison, New York
40 Walter Hoving Rd
Garrison, NY, 10524

Walter Hoving House Overview

The Walter Hoving House is one of the campuses that are owned and operated by the Hoving House program, providing women in the local New York region access to affordable residential treatment services to assist in their recovery from their addictions. The facility is also able to address other problems that female patients may be suffering from, such as depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.
The Walter Hoving House is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and does ask patients to contribute from their part, but patients who are not financially fit enough to pay for treatment will not be showed away by the facility.

Walter Hoving House Housing

The Walter Hoving House is located on a large property that stretches a total of 39 acres. The facility itself where patients are treated in the residential care program developed by the professional staff members at the facility can accommodate as many as 75 female patients at a time. The patients will need to share rooms. The company also has additional campuses available that can benefit facility patients, such as in cases where a patient needs to be admitted to a residential program, but no beds are available at the Walter Hoving House.

Walter Hoving House Treatment Options

Treatment at the Walter Hoving House starts with a thorough assessment of the patient who comes to the facility seeking assistance with their behavioral issues and their addictions. Once the patient has been assessed, a treatment plan will be compiled for the patient that is based on the residential treatment programs that the facility is able to offer the patient. The specific treatment options that are available at the Walter Hoving House include:

  • 12-step recovery program
  • Bible study services
  • Daily therapy sessions

Walter Hoving House Therapies Provided

A number of psychiatrists are available to help patients with their addictions and mental health problems at the Walter Hoving House. Patients will undergo individual therapy on a daily basis. There are also group sessions that are held each day, where all patients will need to participate in order to promote recovery and sobriety further.

Walter Hoving House Payment Options

Walter Hoving House depends on donations from a variety of sources in order to support the female patients who come to them for help in overcoming the life-altering issues that they are facing, with addictions being one of the primary reasons why women contact the center for assistance and entry into their treatment programs.
Patients are asked to pay an initial fee of $500 when they are admitted into a treatment program at the facility, and they will also be asked to pay a total of $500 on a monthly basis in order for the facility to continue providing them with the services that they need to help them recover. Patients who do not have the finances to come up with these fees can get in touch with the admissions staff members to discuss alternative options. It does not seem like the facility takes any type of insurance programs for the treatment of addictions and behavioral disorders.

Walter Hoving House Accreditations

While no data are provided in terms of licenses that state-based authorities have granted the Walter Hoving House for the services they offer patients who come to them, but we were able to determine that the facility has been accredited by the ECFA. The non-profit organization is also affiliated with a few associations, including the Sister Sorority and the U.S. Missions.

Walter Hoving House Amenities

Since the Walter Hoving House is a non-profit organization that depends on donations from patients and other corporate donors, the company is unable to provide patients with the same type of amenities that they would be able to gain access to if they opt for treatment at some of the other facilities in the area. There are, however, a range of basic amenities that all patients will be provided with to help make their stay at the campus more comfortable. Bedrooms are shared among the patients.
There are several workspaces where patients will undergo classes and skill development programs. Additionally, the facility does provide the patient with living rooms that can be used to socialize. The facility does have cable TV in their living room.

Walter Hoving House Staff

Understanding the experience and qualifications held by staff members who form part of a facility like the Walter Hoving House is important for most patients who are considering being admitted to a treatment program at the company. Walter Hoving House is somewhat transparent in terms of sharing details of their staff members, but the data that is provided to interested patients on the organization’s official website is very limited. The company only shares details of the founders, president, corporate team, and the leadership staff members at each of their facilities.
Instead of providing an overview of the experience that these staff members have gained and the qualifications they hold, the company also rather shares basic overviews of the staff member’s personal story, which may not provide the patient with an accurate overview of how professional the services are that they would receive if they are treated at the Walter Hoving House.

  • John & Elsie Benton – Founders
  • Beth Greco – President
  • Chelsea Strothoff – Executive Director of the Lioness and the Lamb
  • Suzanne Smith – Executive Director
  • Sue Hinton – Associate Director
  • Leesa Carrera – Director of Facility

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