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Queens Village Committee For Mental Health Overview

The Queens Village Committee For Mental Health, also simply known as J-CAP, is a facility based on Jamaica, New York, that has been providing patients in the area with access to affordable recovery services to target common forms of addictions for several decades. The facility can help patients overcome the additions that they are suffering from, which may include addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs.
In addition to the treatment of these substance abuse disorders, the facility also has psychiatrists that specialize in the treatment of mental health disorders, such as depression, which means patients can be treated for co-occurring diseases simultaneously. The Queens Village Committee For Mental Health operates a relatively large facility, especially compared to other treatment centers in the local area and can facility over a hundred patients at a time.

Queens Village Committee For Mental Health Housing

The company owns a large facility where all patients are treated for their addictions and possibly for co-occurring disorders as well. The facility is able to provide accommodation for up to 192 patients at a time, with four patients being appointed to a single room. All rooms are gender-specific, and there is a bathroom in each wing that needs to be shared by the patients who are being treated. Rooms in the building are spacious, and patients are provided access to closet space in order to store their clothes while they are staying at the facility.

Queens Village Committee For Mental Health Treatment Options

The Queens Village Committee For Mental Health has a single residential treatment program available for patients in order to help them recover successfully. This inpatient program utilized a variety of methods that have been proven to work effectively when it comes to helping a patient on the journey to overcoming their addictions and leading a sober lifestyle.
The residential treatment plan that is offered to patients at this facility has been divided into three different parts, usually referred to as “phases,” which include:

  • Orientation
  • Main Treatment
  • Re-Entry phase

Queens Village Committee For Mental Health Therapies Provided

The main part of the programs offered to patients at the Queens Village Committee For Mental Health would be the individual one-on-one counseling sessions that the patients will have with a Licensed Counselor who is employed at the company. In addition to individual therapy, patients are also required to undergo multiple group therapy sessions during their stay at the facility.

Queens Village Committee For Mental Health Payment Options

Patients who have an insurance policy may provide their policy details to the intake staff members to help them determine if their insurance provider would be able to pay for the residential treatment services rendered to them at the Queens Village Committee For Mental Health. Self-pay options are offered to patients who are not covered by an insurance policy.

Queens Village Committee For Mental Health Accreditations

While there are no details about specific types of accreditations that have previously been awarded to Queens Village Committee For Mental Health, we did find that the facility and the treatment services that patients are offered have been licensed by several state departments and associations.
These include the New York Human Resources Administration, the New York State Department of Health, and the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Further details of accreditations by CARF, the Joint Commission, or other associations can be retrieved by contacting the appropriate staff members at the facility.

Queens Village Committee For Mental Health Amenities

Since the Queens Village Committee For Mental Health focuses on providing patients with quality psychiatry and recovery services at a minimal cost to the patient, the company does not pay too much attention to providing patients with access to a significant number of noteworthy amenities. Patients will be offered three meals each day, which will be served to them in a cafeteria that is located in the same building. Limited access to towels and linens are provided, with access to these options usually being limited to what has been donated to the company in recent times. There is an on-site gym that patients can utilize.

Queens Village Committee For Mental Health Staff

The official website that represents this company is fairly limited and does not offer extensive data on the staff members, leadership team, or specific information about those individuals who are responsible for overseeing the treatment of patients that have been admitted to the facility’s inpatient treatment program. There is a single web page that provides details about three staff members, but the information is extremely limited – to a name, title, and photo.
There are patients who feel that they need to know that they will be placed into the care of professionals before they commit to recovering from their addictions at a specific facility. These patients will not find appropriate data on the company’s website but may request further details of the staff members, including the management team and the treatment team, by getting in touch with the facility. Such details may also be requested during the patient’s consultation.

  • Diane Gonzalez – Chief Executive Officer
  • Nancy Brinn – Chief Operating Officer
  • Nilda Ruiz – Chief Financial Officer

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