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New York City, USA
19 Union Square West, Floor 7
New York City, NY, 10003

Realization Center Inc. Overview

Realization Center Inc is a treatment facility that offers programs that are tailored toward addictions for patients who reside in New York State. The organization has two facilities within the State, one in New York City and another one in Brooklyn. Both of these facilities offer similar treatment services that are not only geared toward patients with substance abuse problems, but also to those with depression and other mental conditions that are keeping them from achieving their full potential in life.
Both of the facilities owned and operated by Realization Center Inc offer outpatient treatment programs that were designed to allow individuals undergoing treatment to have freedom while recovering from their addictions. There are no residential programs or inpatient solutions offered by these facilities. All patients are required to come in on specific days of the week, depending on their schedule, in order to attend sessions in groups or with their counselor, which will ultimately help them recover.

Housing at Realization Center Inc.

No housing options are available at Realization Center Inc as the facility has been established to only operate with patients that qualify for outpatient programs. None of the patients who undergo treatment at any one of the two facilities from this organization will be provided a residential service, but rather only meetings on certain dates in order to assist with the treatment of their addictions.

Treatment Options at Realization Center Inc.

While the Realization Center primarily promotes their effective addiction treatment programs, the organization has a number of other treatment programs that were designed for issues not directly related to substance abuse.
Prior to being signed up for any of these programs, a patient will need to undergo analysis with an intake counselor. The counselor will provide a questionnaire to the patient and discuss the various treatment options that are available. This would allow the patient to understand what the facility can offer them, as well as ensure the counselor can determine the most effective programs that would help the patient in their recovery.
The current treatment programs that are offered by Realization Center include:

  • Chemical Dependency programs
  • Professionals programs
  • Adolescent programs
  • Dual Diagnosis programs
  • Food addiction program
  • DWI/DUI programs
  • LGBT program
  • Veterans program
  • Orthodox Jewish program
  • Re-Entry program
  • Chronic Relapse Recovery

Since each patient will present a unique case, the treatment provided to the patient would often include a combination of the options mentioned above that the facility offers. This would offer the patient a more personalized approach to dealing with their problems. As an example, in many cases, a patient with addiction would present symptoms of mental illness as well.

Payment Options at Realization Center Inc.

Realization Center is accepted by the majority of health care providers within the United States. They have quite an extensive list of agencies that accept them as a provider for addiction services in the country. The agencies accepted include AETNA, Affinity, Adva-Net, Beacon HS, Care Plus Solutions, Alphacare, American Plan Administrators, Medicaid, Metro Plus, Medicare, Optum Health, Oxford Health Plans, United Healthcare, and more.
Individuals who do not see their specific health care insurance plan listed on the website of the center can get in touch with their intake department to determine if their policy would cover the costs of a treatment plan provided by the center.
When a patient is not covered by a health insurance policy, they are still able to undergo treatment at the facility. Cash payments can be made with the use of a credit card. Additionally, financing options and a sliding scale pricing plan is available for those patients who are in desperate need of help but do not have access to the funds that are needed to sign up for a treatment program. These patients are advised to contact the intake department to discuss a possible repayment plan for their treatment.


Realization Center is a licensed outpatient facility within the New York State. No further details in regards to licenses and accreditations that have been obtained by the center are shared on their official website. Any patient who feels that they would like to obtain further details about the licensing information of Realization Center should contact the intake department, who will be able to assist them with the questions they might have, as well as provide further details on any additional accreditations that the facility holds.

Amenities at Realization Center Inc.

Even though no inpatient or residential services are offered for patients who require treatment at the Realization Center, the facility does offer a variety of amenities. This includes access to several meetings, which are part of the facility’s unique 12-step system for recovering from an addiction. Other benefits of the center include access to educational classes that provide detailed information on chemical dependency, as well as resources for addicts and those who are closely related to an addict.


  • Marilyn J. White (CASAC, NCAC II) – Executive Director & CEO
  • Michelle Licastro (LMHC, CASAC) – Clinical Director
  • Valerie Carroll (LMSW) – Clinical Social Worker
  • Nicole Banner (LMSW) – Intake Counselor

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