East House, Rochester, New York

259 Monroe Ave, Ste 200
Rochester, NY, 14607

East House Overview

East House is a residential treatment unit that provides a range of different services that have been tailored to assist those who are having difficulty in life coping with an addiction or a mental illness. The facility has multiple experienced staff members, including highly trained therapists, that can provide appropriate psychiatry services to patients in order to help them on the road to recovery. East House believes that everyone deserves a chance to recover, which is why they have introduced a sliding scale pricing option, making it more affordable for people with the addiction-related issue and those who suffer from depression and other mental illnesses to gain access to effective rehabilitation services.

Housing at East House

East House has greatly expanded over the last few years and now offers the patients who require treatment four different community housing systems where they can undergo treatment under an inpatient care program that was developed by the therapists in charge of the residential plans offered at the company.

The housing options include:

  • Blake House, which is a gender-specific treatment facility for me, and can provide treatment for up to 24 men at a time
  • Hanson House, a treatment facility for both genders, can treat up to 14 patients at a time
  • Cody House is another gender-specific house for men that can treat up to 16 male patients
  • Pinny Cooke House is a gender-specific housing program that houses up to 12 female patients at a time

Treatment Options at East House

East House believes that everyone who is currently suffering from a mental or substance abuse disorder deserves the opportunity to gain access to recovery treatment services to help them overcome the problems that are making their life harder. The center has developed a range of services that are tailored to ensure every patient who is placed under their care can recover from their disorders and start a path toward a life where they can be sober and strive to be more successful.

The treatment options that are provided by East House are divided into three different categories:

  • Community Residence
  • Apartment Program
  • Supportive Housing

All patients first need to undergo an assessment prior to their admission to any of the treatment services that the company provides. During the assessment, a trained counselor will interview the patient. This process serves an important function as it allows a custom program to be developed that will offer the patient a maximum level of opportunity to recover. Furthermore, it is important for the counselor to understand what particular problems the patient is experiencing – if they have an addiction, a mental disorder, or an addiction with a co-occurring disorder.

Payment Options at East House

There are no extended data available in regards to admissions to the East House treatment programs. The company does, however, mention that they provide a range of customizable treatment services. Furthermore, they do provide details on the matter regarding billing – East House uses a sliding scale system when it comes to billing a client. The admission process includes an interview with a financial counselor. The counselor will assess the client’s financial circumstances and determine what the patient will be able to afford for the treatment that they require in order to recover from their substance abuse and mental disorders.
Patients may submit their insurance details to the facility to determine if their insurance provider would pay for their treatment. Alternatively, the patient can work closely with the financial counselor to determine a monthly repayment plan that would provide them with an affordable way to recover from their disorder.


We did not find any information about whether East House was licensed by the appropriate authorities. Furthermore, no details are shared about possible accreditations that might have been awarded to the facility in the past. Patients who might want to know if the facility has been granted any licenses or accreditations should get in touch with the appropriate staff members, who will be able to answer any particular questions that the patient may have before they are admitted to undergoing treatment at any of the community housing projects that the company offers.

Amenities at East House

All of the programs offered at East House feature rooms that are shared by two patients at a time. All of the rooms are equipped with the essential items that patients need, such as drawers. Bathrooms are readily available for patients to utilize. There are also dining rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Patients are allowed to socialize in the living room, while the outside area can also be utilized for social activities, for taking walks, and to smoke (for patients who are smokers).


No extensive data is provided in regards to the staff members who administer services such as therapy, medication management, or admissions. The East House website does offer limited information about the company’s board of directions, however, as well as a few names of the leadership team that are also involved in the company at executive levels.

The board officers at East House include:

  • Gregory J Soehner (M.A., M.F.T) – President & CEO
  • Chuck Montante – Vice Chair
  • David VanBlarcom – Treasurer
  • Andrew Dollinger – Chair
  • Michelle Pitti (SPHR) – Secretary

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