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Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Overview

Phoenix House is a network of treatment facilities that specialize in helping patients overcome addictions to both drugs and alcohol. The idea of these facilities is to ensure patients can be exposed to environments that promote sober living and to ensure patients are given a chance to experience a life that is free of drugs and alcohol.
The Lake Ronkonkoma division of the Phoenix House treatment group is dedicated to providing male patients with residential treatment services, exposing them to an appropriate environment where they will not be at risk of a relapse to drug or alcohol addiction, and to ensure they can be provided access to staff that are caring and can offer them the support they need throughout their journey. All of the treatments that patients are provided with are evidence-based therapeutic services, and the company puts a large focus on dealing with addictions through a holistic approach.

Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Housing

The Lake Ronkonkoma division of the Phoenix House care group specializes in residential treatment services, which means all of the male patients that are part of the programs offered at the facility will be offered accommodation while they are being treated for their addictions. This particular facility is located on a spacious property where up to 30 men can be treated simultaneously. All rooms are also spacious and allow for adequate space for the patients to move around. The bedrooms are designed to be dorm-style, and men are required to share the bedroom with other male patients.

Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Treatment Options

Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma specializes in individualized treatment to ensure every male patient who comes to them for assistance in their journey to a sober lifestyle can be provided with the specific services and care that they need. This is an important approach since every patient is unique – and will have unique circumstances that need to be taken into account.
Evidence-based treatment services are offered to all patients and included in all of the individualized programs that are developed for these patients.
Treatment options that a patient may be given access to when they come to Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma may include:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Counseling services
  • 12-step addiction recovery program
  • Dual-diagnosis system to assist with co-occurring disorders
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment

Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Therapies Provided

Individual therapy sessions form the primary part of all treatment programs that are compiled for the patients who are admitted to Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma, but there are also several group counseling programs and sessions that patients will attend to help them through their further recovery. Experiential therapies are also offered by the facility, which may be included in a patient’s individualized treatment plan as well.

Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Payment Options

Patients who have an active insurance policy with a provider in the United States will be happy to learn that Phoenix House is considered an in-network addiction treatment provider with a large number of insurance providers. Patients can undergo treatment at this facility if they are insurance with Beacon Health, Cigna, United Healthcare, Oxford, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Emblem Health, and United Behavioral Health.
For patients who are not insured at the time of admission, a self-pay option is available. This option will also be made available to patients who have co-payments to make, such as in the case where the insurance policy does not cover the full cost of treatment.
The company does not require the full amount billed to be paid before admission to their residential treatment program at the Lake Ronkonkoma division. The self-pay option may require an initial deposit but allows the patient to pay for the services provided to them in monthly installments.

Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Accreditations

The services that Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma are able to provide their patients with during their time at the facility have been reviewed by an international body known as CARF. After thorough reviewing of their services, the facility was accredited by the body for their excellence in quality care services provided to their patients.

Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Amenities

Numerous amenities are available to patients who reside at the Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma facility while they are being treated. These amenities include access to common areas, where televisions are located. Patients may utilize the amenities at specific times when they are not undergoing treatment for their conditions. Meals are also provided to all patients, and there are several recreational activities that patients are introduced to while they are staying at the facility.

Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Staff

While Phoenix House does have a large website that offers extensive details about who they are, what they offer patients, and what drives them to create a drug and alcohol-free community, they do not have such extensive information available on the staff members who are involved in their treatment programs.
On the page that is dedicated to the Lake Ronkonkoma division of Phoenix House, we were only able to obtain limited details of two staff members who are active at the facility. Patients who feel that they will be more comfortable if they knew more about the staff that made up this specific facility should get in touch with the Phoenix House in order to obtain further information.

  • Ann Marie K. Foster (FACHE) – Executive Director and Senior Vice President
  • Shaun Willis – Program Director

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