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Insight House Overview

Insight House is a not-for-profit substance abuse treatment facility founded in 1971 in Utica, New York. The treatment center was established by a former probation officer Paul Vitagliano and its main objective is to provide confidential, professional chemical dependency treatment to patients and their families. Insight House works with men and women on their recovery and provides the support they need for a sober life.

At the very beginning, Insight House started as an arm of the Oneida County government, but it became a private, not-for-profit facility due to changes in the healthcare industry back in 1997. The official website reveals that the agency serves more than 600 clients per month with the residential and outpatient programs.

Insight House also offers educational, prevention programs whose primary goal is to reach young population, mainly adolescents, and warn them about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. These programs reach thousands of teenagers.

Insight Hall Housing

The treatment facility has 44 beds and it resembles a hospital-like rehabilitation center for men and women. The Forms & Brochures section on the official website features valuable information that patients need to know before they go to Insight House for a residential stay.
Staff at Insight House provided a thorough list of all items patients are allowed to bring into the facility. Some of these items include shirts, pajamas, robe, sweatshirts, underwear, personal care products, among other things.

One room can house up to four patients with one bed located at every in every corner. Naturally, each patient has his or her own dresser. The cafeteria is among different places where patients can spend some time together. Similarly to other facilities of this kind, the diet plan is simple, well-balanced, and healthy.

Insight House Treatment Options

Each patient undergoes a thorough assessment carried out by professional staff at Insight House. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate the severity of addiction in order to make sure the patient undergoes the treatment he (or she) truly needs. Unlike other facilities of this kind, Insight House does not have a methadone and detox programs. They refer patients who need those types of treatments to other institutions, but this facility doesn’t provide two common and highly sought-after treatment programs.

Insight House provides the following treatment options:

  • Residential services – the average length of stay is six months, but the duration may vary from one patient to another
  • Day-rehabilitation services – the main purpose of this program is to assist patients to regain control of their lives with an emphasis on relapse prevention. The service involves attending a program four hours a day, five days a week.
  • Outpatient clinic services – revolves around the individual, group, and family counseling sessions created specifically to meet patient’s needs.

The treatment facility also provides additional services such as:

  • Dual diagnosis group
  • Medicated assisted treatment options
  • Health education and wellness
  • Relapse prevention
  • Psychiatric consultation

Insight House Payment Options

Prices of treatment at Insight House are not shown on the website, but that’s most likely because they vary based on the treatment and patient’s needs. On the other hand, undergoing an evaluation requires two visits each costing $120. Insight House works with patients to assess a self-pay rate until their insurance or Medicaid is active.
According to their website, patients will not be denied a much-needed treatment due to an inability to pay for it. The treatment center accepts most private insurances, Medicaid, HMO’s, major credit cards. As far as the residential treatment is concerned, the costs are covered by Congregate Care, not Medicaid.

Insight House Accreditations

Unlike other addiction treatment centers which disclose the list of accreditations and licenses they have, the official website of the Insight House doesn’t reveal that information other than NYS certified programs. Of course, having been in business for decades they do have necessary accreditations, but they’re not revealed to visitors of their site. That’s something you may want to learn if you contact them for more information, in case you’re interested in their services.

Insight House Amenities

Insight House made sure patients get to use various amenities in order to make their stay or another form of treatment success in terms of recovery. Some amenities provided by the treatment center include:

  • Certified lab testing on site
  • Open access scheduling, quicker access to treatment
  • Medication management
  • Family support group
  • Vocational and employment preparation
  • Positive alternatives through arts and recreation
  • Women’s track
  • Customized treatments to fit the needs of patients
  • Adolescent programming
  • Stress reduction clinic
  • GED and literacy classes

What we can conclude based on the above-mentioned amenities is that Insight House not only supports patients to overcome their addiction but also works on improving their general wellbeing and quality of life.

Insight House Staff

Patients who turn to Insight House for the treatment of their problem are in good hands due to the fact the chemical dependency center has a team of reliable, educated, and experienced professionals. Names of all staff members are published on the official website alongside their roles, but that’s about it. There is no bio of any staff member that would tell their story or describe their level of education, career achievements, and other info.

Staff members of Insight House include:

  • Donna M. Vitagliano – president, CEO
  • Bonnie Carr – vice president
  • Susan McGuiggan – controller
  • Beverly Fellone – clinic director
  • Julia Hubbard – residential director
  • Christina Davis – intensive day treatment director
  • Stephen E. Smith – special projects director
  • Erlene Manning – health coordinator
  • Marisa V. Graziano – office manager
  • George A. Kozminski – medical director
  • Surendra K. Johri – consultant

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