The New Direction, Walton, New York

Loon Lake, Adirondack Mountains,
2942 County Highway 23
Walton, NY, 13856

The New Direction Overview

The New Direction is an economic rehabilitation center that focuses on providing patients in the local area suffering from addictions access to a range of services that can help them recover. The facility was established in 1977 and has since expanded the number of services that they are able to offer their patients.
The New Direction facility primarily relies on the potential effectiveness of the standard 12-step recovery program that most rehabilitation centers utilized to provide patients access to the support and care that is needed for a successful recovery. Patients of all ages are welcome to come to The New Direction for treatment – this includes both adults and adolescents who are struggling to overcome an addiction.

The New Direction Housing

The primary aim of The New Direction is to provide patients with access to inpatient treatment services – it has been established that patients who reside in a safe and sober environment while they are undergoing treatment tend to have a better chance at recovery, compared to those who are treated at a facility, but needs to find their own accommodation during their treatment period. All patients treated through a residential care program at The New Direction will be housed in the farmhouse-style facility that the company owns.
The building is situated on land that stretches out 200 acres, and patients are given access to a large outdoor area where they can socialize and spend time in nature during their free time. The facility itself, however, is relatively small. There are only five rooms, and a maximum of 10 patients can be treated through the company’s inpatient treatment program at a time. Patients will need to call beforehand to see if beds are available and they might be placed on a waiting list until a bed is available for them.

The New Direction Treatment Options

Treatment at The New Direction primarily focuses on inpatient care services, where the patient resides in a safe environment while they are provided services that will ultimately help them completely recover from the addictions that they are suffering from. Patients are assessed individually to determine the specific addictions that they are suffering from. The counselor in charge of the patient’s assessment will also need to determine how severe the patient’s addiction is and whether they are suffering from co-occurring diseases as well, which may include bipolar disorder, depression, and other mental illnesses.
No extensive details are provided in terms of the programs that are available at the facility. The facility does not provide detoxification services, and patients need to be sober for a minimum of 72 hours before they come to this facility.

The New Direction Therapies Provided

Individual therapy sessions are essential for all patients who come to The New Direction for treatment. In the mornings, as well as in in the evenings, patients also attend group sessions that last two hours each.

The New Direction Payment Options

The New Direction does not accept any form of insurance. Patients who are insured will not be able to submit their insurance data to undergo treatment at the facility, but will rather be responsible for paying their bills out of their own pocket. If the patient is unable to afford the bill, they might be able to arrange for monthly installments instead of single bill payment by visiting the facility and speaking to a financial counselor.

The New Direction Accreditations

The official website that represents The New Direction does not share any data related to the accreditations or any other particular credentials held by the company. Patients who would like to ensure they will be treated at a facility that is accredited will need to contact the company directly to determine if the Joint Commission, CARF, or another national accreditation body has reviewed and approved the treatment programs and services offered at this company.

The New Direction Amenities

The New Direction makes a number of convenient amenities available to patients who reside in their farmhouse building during treatment. Patients are provided access to a living room that is fitted with comfortable sofas, a television, and a stone fireplace. A covered porch allows patients to sit outside in a peaceful environment. All patients are provided with three healthy home-cooked meals on a daily basis. Patients with special dietary needs should discuss these with their counselor during the admissions process.

The New Direction Staff

The official website that represents The New Direction treatment facility for addictions does not provide patients with an overview of their staff members and employees. There are many patients who would like to know such information before they commit to undergoing treatment at a facility such as The New Direction, as knowing that the staff members involved in the programs offered at such a facility is appropriately experienced in working with patients who are going through a rough time in their lives brought on by addictions can help the patient feel more comfortable during the entire process.
Any patient who would like to know if the staff members are experienced in dealing with addictions, or if the patient wants to ensure that staff members hold the appropriate qualifications to assist in their recovery, should contact the facility or pay them a visit in order to obtain further information and to assist the patient in feeling more at ease through the admissions process.

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