October Road Inc, Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina, USA
119 Tunnel Road, Suite D
Asheville, NC, 28805

October Road Inc. Overview

October Road Inc. is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center founded in 2006. The recovery facility also treats mental health problems meaning they also deal with cases of dual diagnosis. In 2012 the treatment center was acquired by Pyramid Healthcare, a behavioral health care, and substance abuse treatment provider. October Road Inc. provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs and aftercare.

October Road Inc. Housing

At this point, residential treatment is provided to male patients only. Treatment length is about 90 days. The recovery center employs a so-called Matrix Model meaning residents are transported for IOP to Asheville facility. The building is located in Woodfin and features 14 beds, large kitchen, living space, laundry room, and dining room.

October Road Inc. Treatment Options

October Road Inc. offers a well-structured treatment program for patients who are working on their drug or alcohol abuse problems. Their treatment programs focus on addressing substance abuse and mental health problems of their patients. Without further ado, the treatment programs offered by October Road Inc. include:
Outpatient addiction treatment services – suitable for persons who have already completed a higher level of treatment and want to continue working on their recovery skills. Outpatient services can also serve as an initial level of treatment or preventative measure for persons who feel like they’re becoming dependent on drug and alcohol.
Different types of outpatient services are provided, such as:

  • Early recovery (ASAMI) – groups meeting twice a week for two hours.
  • Substance abuse intensive outpatient (SAIOP) – meeting three times a week for three hours.
  • Aftercare – meeting once a week for one and a half hours.
  • Residential treatment for men – promotes substance abuse recovery in a structured environment. The program only accepts referrals from detox units, inpatient treatment centers, and residential treatment programs at the moment. Residential treatment is a 90-day program which involves vocational development, coordination with primary medical care, community resources and events, discharge planning and coordination.
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) – provides care for patients struggling with opioid dependence. It addresses both physical and emotional or psychological addictions. This program involves assessments, group support, individual therapy, medication management, educational lectures, family programming, case management, and individualized treatment planning.
  • Mental health treatment services – suitable for persons who are struggling with mental health issues. It involves peer support services, medication management, ACTT (assertive community treatment team) which involves a psychiatrist, physician assistant, additional case managers, vocational and housing specialists, therapists, substance abuse clinicians, among others.

October Road Inc. Therapies Provided

Recovery centers provide different kinds of therapies that are included in their treatment programs for drug and alcohol abuse. October Road Inc. isn’t the exception. Their programs are versatile and enable patients to attend therapies that suit their needs and type of severity the most.
Therapies provided by October Road Inc. are held in an individual and group setting. Individual therapies involve one-on-one meetings with a therapist where a patient dives deep into their emotions and memories to learn more about the feelings and motives that contributed to their addiction. These therapies also enable them to continue their recovery even when the treatment is over. Group therapies help people connect, offer support to each other, and so much more.
Some therapies involved in treatment programs at October Road Inc. are:

  • Intensive outpatient therapy
  • Outpatient individual and group therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common type of therapy, similarly to other treatment centers which are not surprising because it’s an evidence-based approach toward the treatment of addiction.

October Road Inc. Payment Options

Costs of treatments provided by October Road Inc. aren’t revealed on the website but for a good reason. Each patient is different, and so is the program they follow during the treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. The recovery center accepts various forms of payment such as cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Medicare, NC Medicaid, and third-party or commercial insurances. October Road Inc. also serves uninsured individuals. For more information about estimated costs of a treatment program for yourself (or your family member), it’s useful to contact October Road Inc.

October Road Inc. Licenses

This treatment center holds a CARF certification. CARF stands for Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities which is an international nonprofit organization founded in 1966. The organization focuses on the quality of care provided by medical and other health-related institutions and facilities. The fact October Road Inc. is CARF certified means their program is reliable, effective, and focused on patients and their road to recovery.

October Road Inc. Amenities

The official website of the treatment center doesn’t provide much information about amenities. What we do know is that the recovery facility focuses on providing well-structured programs and therapies that care for patients’ mental health and to help them overcome their addiction problem successfully. October Road Inc. focuses on quality of care to make sure patients get to learn about themselves and the root cause of their problem in order to get mentally and emotionally stronger which can boost their recovery chances.

October Road Inc. Staff

Team members at October Road Inc. are committed to providing substance use and recovery services while taking care of patients’ mental health. The recovery center has a great team of experts who constantly evolve and use their knowledge to help others. Below, you can see some staff members that are shown on the official website of this treatment facility.

Glenn Crider

Glenn Crider is a program director at October Road Inc. Before joining this treatment center in 2016, Glenn spent five years at Georgia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities where he managed Medicaid. Glenn is a licensed professional counselor with impressive experience in the treatment of patients with mental health problems and addiction.

Dr. John Rice

Dr. John Rice is a medical director at October Road Inc. He is a board-certified psychiatrist with vast experience in various psychiatric services. Dr. Rice provides medical and clinical leadership which only emphasizes his expertise in dealing with patients who come to this treatment center to overcome alcohol and drug addiction.

Krista Miller

Krista Miller is a clinical director at this treatment center. She is a licensed professional counselor and a licensed clinical addictions specialist who has held individual and group therapies for years. Krista has extensive experience in program management and development particularly related to outpatient programs for substance abuse.

Tim Morgan

Tim Morgan is a CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) director who has been working for 15 years with public, private, and nonprofit agencies and organizations. His main motivation is the positive influence of treatment programs at October Road Inc. which help people start a new chapter in their lives.

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