First Step Farm of WNC, Candler, North Carolina

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215 Black Oak Cove Road
Candler, NC, 28715

First Step Farm of WNC Overview

First Step Farm of WNC is a private, nonprofit organization that provides residential treatment for patients with substance abuse problems. The treatment center was founded back in 1976, and over several decades it treated thousands of patients and helped countless families to start a healthier way of life. Interestingly, First Step Farm began as a summer girls’ camp, but two years later (in 1978) farming operations began while greenhouse operations started in 1980. In 1977, men’s facility was established while the women’s facility was opened in 1992.
The organization treats patients from all 100 counties in North Carolina. The main mission of First Step Farm is to promote self-determined efforts of each resident in order to help them recover from drug or alcohol abuse successfully. What makes this treatment center unique is that it promotes recovery through outdoor work, farming, and a 12-step program.

First Step Farm of WNC Housing

This residential treatment center is located in the Pisgah Mountains of Western North Carolina. The secluded rural environment allows patients to reflect and recover in a peaceful setting far away from hectic cities and temptations that come with them. During recovery, patients need some time to relax in a peaceful environment in order to improve their mental and emotional health. That’s exactly what First Step Farm is trying to achieve, and it does it successfully.
Men and women spend time in different facilities. Men’s facility accommodates 22 residents while women’s facility houses 15 residents. Residences have a comfortable interior with semi-private rooms and shared bathrooms. Access to phone and the internet is limited while the use of a cell phone is prohibited.

First Step Farm of WNC Treatment Options

Treatment at this facility is considered an alternative program and it starts with referral and screening. In order to receive treatment at First Step Farm, all residents must be referred by a qualified professional associated with the North Carolina Division of Health and Human Services. Residents are screened for admission based on the commitment to recovery, desire to engage with other recovering individuals in their 12-step efforts, delay of all court matters, capacity for strenuous farm labor, willingness to participate in the program for at least three months, and others.
During their recovery at First Step Farm residents work together with the treatment facility to develop and implement a strong plan that will lead them to the substance-free life. The treatment center works with patients and provides access to their families, friends, and the community. As part of the program, residents learn new skills through work at a farm, greenhouse, or in the store. Work gives them a sense of responsibility and banishes feelings of uselessness. Clients can also work in the kitchen within the facility, learn to cook and adopt many other skills that will aid their recovery.
Although the treatment center doesn’t provide detox those, who need it will be referred to some other trusted facility. Length of treatment at First Step Farm lasts up to nine months, and its primary focus is Work Therapy Program where residents train, learn new skills and earn wages. Men’s facility is a respected supplier of high-quality vegetable transplants for the farming community. A total of 19 greenhouses belong to men’s facility where different vegetables are grown such as tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, watermelons, cantaloupe, broccoli, and others. On the other hand, the women’s facility produces annual and perennial flowers.

First Step Farm of WNC Therapies Provided

While First Step Farm focuses on farming and other similar tasks to promote recovery therapy sessions are deeply integrated into their treatment program. Patients attend facility meeting each morning, and they also have two group sessions a week as well as individual counseling and two on- and off-site AA/NA meetings. The main goal of therapies is to provide patients with coping mechanisms needed for relapse prevention.

First Step Farm of WNC Payment Options

The official website of First Step Farm provides no information about the costs of the treatment, but they do use a sliding scale method. In order to find out about prices of the treatment program and whether it’s covered by your insurance, feel free to contact First Step Farm.

First Step Farm of WNC Licenses

First Step Farm is licensed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Patients and clients can focus on their recovery knowing they are in good, reliable hands.

First Step Farm of WNC Amenities

Recovering from drug and alcohol abuse is a challenging but achievable task. Thanks to various amenities at First Step Farm it can be easier for patients to focus on their recovery. Some amenities include:

  • Evaluation
  • Clinical assessment
  • Community resource networking services
  • Case management supports
  • Learning new skills
  • Person-centered plan
  • Opportunity to work and earn wages

First Step Farm of WNC Staff

The treatment center gathered a team of professionals who work with patients and clients on a daily basis and support them on their way toward a successful recovery. The official website, unfortunately, doesn’t feature names of staff members. That being said, team members have vast experience in treating patients with addiction problems. For instance, women’s program is run by a clinical addictions counselor who has worked in this field for more than 20 years.

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