Charlotte Rescue Mission, Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
907 W 1st St
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Charlotte Rescue Mission Overview

Charlotte Rescue Mission, located in the busy city of Charlotte, North Carolina, is a Christian-based organization specializing in providing residential recovery programs for individuals dealing with substance addiction, housing, and employment issues. The center has been offering free, high-quality addiction recovery programs to men and women of its surrounding community for more than eight decades and has a long history of assisting homeless individuals. Over the years, the organization has changed names and locations but has remained steadfast in its mission of community-serving. In 1990, the institute made a commitment to employ a professional, Christian staff trained in addiction recovery and started a 90-day residential program to assist individuals to overcome homelessness and substance abuse. This program is now a 120-day one called the Rebound program for men, modeled after the 12-step AA curriculum. Two years after the Rebound program was founded, the organization seeks to create a special program exclusively for women and this brought about the Dove’s Nest services. This service, also open to mothers and their children, is focused on helping women address core issues regarding substance addiction. The organization also offers a Halfway House program for men which began in 1995. Additionally, the organization offers L.E.A.P (Learning Empowerment Advancement Program) which provides clients with the opportunity to be involved in vocational and educational training programs.

Accommodation And Food

The Dove Nest service, a 120- bed residential program for women, is capable of accommodating 90 women (80 women and 10 mothers) and 30 of their children while the Rebound program can house up to 132 men in shared rooms. The centers are located in separate areas on the campus. Communal spaces are available and equipped with couches and TVs. Personal electronic devices, drugs, and alcohol-containing products are prohibited at the centers and residents in the Rebound program are advised to bring 7 days’ worth of clothing, Christian reading materials, and laundry detergent. An equipped on-site gym is available for clients and men at the Rebound program are required to make use of the gym during their physical activity hour.
Residents are served meals thrice daily and the organization employs a full-time kitchen staff for the preparation of meals.

Treatment & Therapy

The center offers some treatment and therapy services depending on the unique needs of the client. Some of these are:

  • Residential program
  • Halfway housing

Residential Program

The organization offers gender-specific residential treatment programs which include the Rebound program for men and the Dove’s Nest services for women, mothers, and their children. The women’s program is intensive and takes place in a structured, stable environment. The program lasts for 120 days and treats women dealing with various kinds of emotional and mental health issues. The Rebound program for men begins with 30 days of education and intense counseling curriculum followed by 90 days of individual and group counseling. Clients are also engaged in Bible study and relapse prevention lectures.

Halfway Housing

This program is open for graduates of the Rebound program and provides clients with the opportunity to achieve long-lasting sobriety and learn self-sufficiency.
The following are a list of conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health conditions

Therapy Options

The facility offers various options of therapy which include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Support group meetings
  • Relapse prevention
  • Addiction education


Charlotte Rescue Mission is free as it is a charity organization.


The rescue mission is an accredited charity under the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Charlotte Rescue Mission Advantages

After completion of a primary program, the facility offers an aftercare or discharge plan unique to the specific needs of the patient at both Dove’s nest and Rebound. Dove’s nest patients, who are made up primarily of the female gender are allowed to remain at the campus for up to nine months after completing treatment.
At this time, these women gain skills for job acquisition and are offered help in the seeking of permanent housing which will, in turn, aid their transition into “a normal life” easier. Rebound, which is made up primarily of the male gender offers a 90-day extension to their patients and during this time, clients can take a learning advancement and empowerment program or are moved to a halfway house.
The halfway house has the capacity of housing 20 men at a time but in shared rooms. Requirements needed to remain eligible to continue living at the halfway house includes staying active in AA or NA group meetings, complete attendance in these meetings and group sessions, job acquisition, church attendance, and more.
In entirety, the rescue mission is a good option for clients seeking treatment but are homeless or don’t have adequate funding to receive treatment and are willing to follow strict Christian principles and rules, as Charlotte provides full coverage for individuals seeking residential treatment and operates strictly on a faith basis.


Reverend Anthony Marciano
President and CEO

Anthony holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Jersey City State College in Sociology and certification from Duke University in non-profit management. Prior to being the president of Charlotte Rescue Mission, he served in different capacities at different organizations including Central Union Mission where he served as Executive Director.

Kristin Kelly Blinson
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Kristin went to Davidson College where she earned a Bachelor’s degree and Middlebury College where she earned her Master’s degree. She also went to Wake Forest University where she completed a course in fundraising and is now a Certified Fund Raising Executive. She served in different positions within the company before rising to vice president including Director of Development and Major Gifts Officer.

Sharon Bremer
Director of Development

Sharon holds a Bachelor’s degree from Meredith College in Political Science and Environmental Affairs. Prior to holding the position at the facility, she served in different capacities at different organizations including Sharon Bremer Consulting which was her firm and she handled fundraising and data consultancy.

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