Structure House, Durham, North Carolina

Durham, North Carolina, USA
3017 Pickett Road
Durham, NC, 27705

Structure House Overview

Structure House is a weight loss and wellness retreat that helped more than 40,000 people around the globe improve their overall health and quality of life. The facility aims to help people lose weight, keep their weight in a healthy range, but some clients are also persons who have overcome drug or alcohol addiction and want to learn more about healthy lifestyles.
Persons with past substance abuse may often use food as comfort and put on weight which is why Structure House treatments can be incredibly practical. Plus, rates of overweight and obesity are growing so it’s important to have a center where people can learn how to protect their health through a successful weight loss that they’ll be able to maintain.
Structure House was founded in 1977, and it’s located at the 12-acre campus in Durham, North Carolina. The center provides a unique, effective, and safe approach toward successful weight management and lifestyle change. Structure House utilizes a combination of psychology, nutrition, and exercise to help clients achieve desired results. People ages 18 and older have the opportunity to follow a program that suits their needs the most. The center deals with patients who struggle with binge eating, diabetes, compulsive overeating, obesity, and other problems.
It’s important to mention that Structure House is a part of Acadia Healthcare, an international behavioral healthcare provider operating a network of more than 584 facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Puerto Rico.

Structure House Housing

Residential treatment at Structure House is held at a 12-acre wooded campus, as mentioned above. That way, residents concentrate fully on the program and their goal. Apartments at Structure House are specifically decorated to create a home-like atmosphere so that residents feel comfortable, safe, and supported. Apartments feature a relaxing living area, queen and king-sized beds, wireless internet service, cleaning services, and laundry amenities with washer and dryer.
Guests have the opportunity to choose whether they’d want to stay in a one-bedroom, two-bedroom apartment, or in deluxe luxury apartments. It’s useful to mention that spouses, families, and pets are welcome to join clients.
As far as food is concerned, Structure House focuses on a healthy, well-balanced diet. Their goal is to show their clients that even healthy food can be super delicious. They also show their patients that eating is an enjoyable experience, not a mindless action that leads to overeating.

Structure House Treatment Options

Different treatment options are available at Structure House with a goal to help clients choose the right program that suits their needs, preferences, and time the most. Below, you can see programs that are provided by this weight loss and wellness center:

  • Core wellness – a four-week program that involves personalized coaching, behavioral therapy, diet and nutrition support, luxury accommodations, and fitness and exercise. Each day contains various activities with plenty of time for relaxation
  • Weekend wellness – takes place in June and September and lasts for three days. It’s ideal for persons who want to refresh their weight loss journey and features benefits such as education, motivation, awareness, and comfort
  • Graduate wellness – offered to returning guests. The package comes with various benefits such as the ability to join the Triangle Club, invitations to alumni events, eligibility for free wellness coaching, eligibility for free ongoing Journal Program participation, and individual consultations with fitness, medical, nutrition, and behavioral experts

Clients have the opportunity to customize their programs to get the best results and a more prolific stay at Structure House.

Structure House Therapies Provided

Structure House provides a variety of activities and therapies that allow clients to lose weight effectively and in a healthy and safe manner. The purpose of these activities and therapies is to enable people to adopt healthy habits and keep off pounds they lost during the program.
Treatment staff at Structure House helps clients identify their goals and define what success means to them. Then, they organize services that support them on their way to achieve those goals. A number of fitness classes are available to residents at Structure House.
These include:

  • Fitness 101
  • Guided Duke Trail walk
  • Water fitness
  • Boxercise
  • Zumba
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Chair karate
  • Circuit strength training
  • TRX circuit

Therapies that are offered by Structure House include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Support groups
  • Individual therapy
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness-based eating awareness training

Structure House Payment Options

Although highly informative the official website of Structure House does not reveal costs of joining their programs. The reason is simple, and their programs are highly customizable meaning they can contain different things based on client’s needs, so prices vary from one person to another.
Costs depend on the program, length of stay, among other factors. This is a private pay facility that doesn’t participate in any insurance agreements or managed care programs at this point. That means Structure House doesn’t accept Medicare and Medicaid. Portions of a person’s stay may be covered or reimbursed by a client’s insurance company.

Structure House Licenses

Information about certificates and accreditations of Structure House isn’t available on the official website. That being said, Acadia Healthcare has a number of certifications including the Joint Commission and CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).

Structure House Amenities

Persons who choose Structure House for their weight loss journey spend their time in supportive and comfortable surroundings where they have access to various therapies, fitness classes, and other activities. They also have healthy snacks, individual assessment with a registered dietitian, licensed behavioral health professional, and registered nurse. Fitness evaluation, educational classes, heated indoor and outdoor saltwater pools, massages, are just some of the many amenities available to clients.

Structure House Staff

Structure House employs a wonderful team of professionals who provide behavioral and medical, fitness, and even nutritional services to clients who want to lose weight. Names of some members and their bios are available on the site, and some of them are mentioned below.

Lee Kern

Lee Kern is a licensed social worker who provides individual psychotherapy services including stress management, self-monitoring, lifestyle changes, and other therapies and services. He also deals with relapse prevention and recovery treatments.

Geri Nelson

Geri Nelson is an interim clinical director who provides individual and couples therapy. She also teaches patients the importance of mindfulness, yoga, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral approaches to address binge eating, depression, and anxiety more effectively. Geri also holds support group meetings and provides aftercare therapies.

Melissa Chadwick

Melissa Chadwick provides individual and group therapy sessions and teaches psychoeducational classes on a variety of subjects.

John Beverly

John Beverly is an executive chef at Structure House with more than 26 years of experience. He provides menu recipes and works with nutrition staff to offer satisfying, delicious, yet healthy meals to residents.
Other team members:

  • Jennifer Funaro – therapist
  • Nancy Freeman – registered nurse
  • Dr. Yeshesvini Raman – Duke-affiliated consulting physician and psychiatrist
  • Dr. Beatrice Hong – Duke-affiliated consulting endocrinologist
  • Benjamin White – registered dietitian
  • Alicen Cisco – sous chef
  • Randy Weiss – personal trainer

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