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Red Oak Recovery Overview

Red Oak Recovery is a holistic healing center that offers specialized services for certain patients that suffer from an addiction disorder. The company has developed a range of treatments that are tailored toward those individuals who are between the ages of 18 and 30. Patients of other ages may rather be referred to an alternative treatment facility when they come into the admissions office at the Red Oak Recovery center. The facility is able to provide highly effective treatment toward both men and women, but each gender is treated differently and separately, as the facility recognizes the fact that male and female patients need to be treated in different ways for a better success rate.

Red Oak Recovery Housing

Red Oak Recovery has two separate departments where they offer patients access to their residential treatment services that assist them in recovering from different types of addiction disorders, as well as the co-occurring conditions that they may experience. Each of these departments is dedicated to gender-specific treatment services, with one department serving male patients and the other providing treatment to female patients. No specific details are provided in terms of how many beds are available in each department, or how many patients can be treated simultaneously. Patients are provided with details on the availability of beds when they need to be admitted to undergo an inpatient treatment service.

Red Oak Recovery Treatment Options

Red Oak Recovery specializes in both addiction recovery treatment and targeting the co-occurring diseases that the patient may have when they are admitted to the facility. Co-occurring diseases may include depression, bipolar disorder, stress, anxiety, and more. By targeting all of these mental issues with a single treatment plan, the patient has a much more positive chance of completely recovering and living a healthier, happier life after they have undergone treatment.

The therapies and treatment options that patients can be provided access to at Red Oak Recovery include:

  • Men’s Rehabilitation
  • Women’s Rehabilitation
  • 12-Step Addiction Recovery Services
  • Holistic Healing Therapies And Treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs
  • Clinical Rehabilitation

Red Oak Recovery Therapies Provided

Different types of therapy services are provided to patients admitted to a program at Red Oak Recovery, including:

  • One-on-one therapy sessions
  • Family counseling
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Addiction counseling services

Red Oak Recovery Payment Options

All patients will be responsible for the payment of the bill and any charges that are incurred through the provisioning of treatment services to them by the facility. Treatment at Red Oak Recovery can be somewhat costly, which is why the company recommends a patient starts the admissions process by verifying their insurance benefits. The company can get in touch with the patient’s insurance provider to see if they would cover the cost of addiction recovery services at the center.

Should the patient not be covered, they would have to pay their own bill. Access to financing is available to those who may require it, allowing the patient to undergo treatment and then pay for the services provided to them through more affordable monthly installments. The credit process is subject to approval by a third-party financing provider.

Red Oak Recovery Licenses

Red Oak Recovery is an accredited treatment facility that has been inspected and awarded the “Aspire to Excellence” accreditation from the CARF non-profit organization. Furthermore, the facility holds a membership with the Association for Addiction Professionals, as well as with the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. In addition to these memberships, Red Oak Recovery is also part of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Red Oak Recovery Amenities

A series of adventure activities are provided to patients who undergo a residential treatment program offered at the Red Oak Recovery center. Patients are provided access to a ROPES course, hiking, camping trips, the ability to go fishing, and even a zip-line. Patients are also provided access to yoga classes to help them stay calm during their journey toward recovery. Acupuncture and art therapy sessions are also provided to patients each week.

Red Oak Recovery Staff

Red Oak Recovery provides a comprehensive overview of most staff members that are located at their treatment facility, including the medical staff, admission staff, and even a complete list of everyone part of the leadership team. This is an advantage since it provides the patient with an overview of what to expect and who will be there to take care of them while they recover from their addiction.

Some of the staff members that the company shares on their website include:

Brady Schroer (DO)

Psychiatrist and Addictionologist

Brady Schroer has a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology. He obtained his medical degree from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. He also completed a residency at a psychiatric clinic that has become recognized worldwide.

Sarah Gerrard (RN, BSN)

Medical Services Manager

Sarah Gerrard is a licensed Emergency Medicine expert and has been professionally trained in EMS. She has a BSN degree, which she received from the University of Texas Health Science Center.

Carson Evans (WFR)

Medical Services Coordinator

Carson Evans started out as a clinical technician at Red Oak Recovery in 2017, and has since moved on to become the medical services coordinator.

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