Path of Hope, Lexington, North Carolina

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1675 E, Center Street, Ext
Lexington, NC, 27292

Path of Hope Overview

Path of Hope is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in Lexington, North Carolina. The treatment center was founded in 1976 as a halfway house for male alcoholics. In 1981, Path of Hope obtained a Chemical Dependency Treatment Center license, and two years later, in 1983, a facility for the treatment of women with addiction issues opened. The primary objective of this treatment center is to meet the needs of all people suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction by providing a safe and secure environment focused on recovery. Residential treatment is offered to men and women who want to start a healthier way of life.

Path of Hope Housing

Inpatient facilities at Path of Hope are gender-specific, i.e. male and female clients stay in separate buildings. Men’s building is a two-story house with a wrap-around porch. About 11 to 12 patients can stay in the building at a time. On the flip side, women spend their residential treatment in a one-story house with a large front yard. Women’s facility houses up to six patients. The client shares a bedroom with another resident. Each room features twin beds and one shared bathroom. Both houses have dining rooms, laundry rooms, and other shared spaces.

Path of Hope Treatment Options

Every man and woman with an addiction problem is eligible for treatment at Path of Hope, regardless of their sex, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, as long as they agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the facility. The whole process starts with an evaluation where staff at Path of Hope assesses a client’s severity of addiction in order to plan their treatment program.
The integral part of the treatment program at Path of Hope is the 12-step approach, and a heavy emphasis is placed on the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of recovery. The treatment facility focuses on providing evidence-based approaches in order to increase the likelihood of complete recovery in a safe manner. The evidence-based clinical program is incorporated into participation in AA/NA. During the treatment, a patient learns more about self-esteem, hope, honesty, and takes responsibility for their actions. Basically, they learn how to cope with different situations in a healthy way.
An interesting aspect of the treatment program at Path of Hope is the holistic approach, i.e. they don’t focus on addiction only but your whole being. All clients have chores and responsibilities which only strengthen their recovery. They also have homework from information presented in the group sessions.

Path of Hope Therapies Provided

Therapy is a crucial component of every well-structured treatment program. Having a facility where men and women with addiction problems spend their time is not enough. It’s also not enough to schedule therapy sessions without proper quality. Fortunately, Path of Hope provides various therapies that have already helped thousands of men and women who were treated at this treatment facility.
Therapy includes:

  • Educational lectures
  • Group therapy
  • Gender groups
  • Recreation
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Family therapy

It is important to mention that family therapy sessions are provided to each client upon request. Family members of patients treated at Path of Hope can also get educational lessons whose mission is to help them through this process as well.

Path of Hope Payment Options

The treatment center accepts patients who need drug or alcohol addiction treatment regardless of their ability to pay. Various self-pay options are available. In order to learn more about payment options and whether your treatment would be covered by the insurance provider feel free to contact Path of Hope.

Path of Hope Licenses

Path of Hope has a partnership with United Way, a nonprofit organization that works with about 1200 local United Way offices throughout the US in a coalition of charitable organizations to conduct activities such as fundraising and support. At this point, it is not clear what accreditations and certificates Path of Hope has obtained. Bearing in mind, they have been treating patients for several decades we can assume they have some strong certifications for the quality of service.

Path of Hope Amenities

The official website of Path of Hope is not overly informative, and there is no list of all amenities. However, the great thing is that the treatment facility also works with volunteers. They encourage volunteers who want to join and help to do so. Many volunteers are in the process of recovery as well. It’s needless to mention this only be a good thing not only for a volunteer but also for a patient. Mutual help and experiences strengthen the recovery process. Clients live in a home with a yard or porch where they can spend time, sit, relax, talk, and de-stress. The overall atmosphere at Path of Hope is affirmative and supporting, i.e. all patients work together on their recovery from substance abuse problems. In order to learn more about amenities and other things, you can expect at Path of Hope you can contact them.

Path of Hope Staff

In order to work at Path of Hope, all staff members must be licensed, certified, or registered with the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board. Some staff members are in recovery from addiction which is why they have the opportunity to use their experience to help others. All team members at Path of Hope are dedicated to helping clients recover from the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, the official website doesn’t feature names and biographies of staff members. However, that shouldn’t undermine the fact they gathered a great team of professionals whose main objective is to provide the best care possible to people in need.

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