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Centre Inc Overview

Centre Inc, also known as the Community Extended Nuclear Transitional Residence for Ex-Offenders, is a group of facilities that are managed by a nonprofit company and provides a range of services that can assist ex-offenders to overcome substance abuse disorders. Many of the programs provided by these facilities can be tailored toward the specific individual, and the patients are often admitted to the facility after being ordered to undergo an appropriate addiction recovery treatment program by a state court, such as the U.S. District Court.
The facilities managed by Centre Inc are very strict in the rules that all patients need to adhere by. Patients are not allowed to have any type of addictive chemicals or alcohol on hand at any given time while they are undergoing treatment at these facilities. Furthermore, there is an absolute zero tolerance policy for certain types of behaviors. These behaviors include harassment and sexual abuse, among others.

Centre Inc Housing

Centre Inc now has multiple facilities where they can serve patients to promote sobriety and successful recovery from existing addictions that the patient may be facing. The program’s services are divided into three different categories, based on the specific locations that are being utilized as part of treatment. Each of the centers has multiple divisions or facilities that offer separate housing for the patients that are undergoing treatment programs.
The veterans major has a total of eight apartments, while the HART program can provide treatment for up to 48 patients at a time. As part of the Fargo facility, there are 70 beds in the North house for men and 64 beds in the South house for men. The female re-entry and transitional program can provide housing for up to 72 women at a time.

Centre Inc Treatment Options

Treatment options at Centre Inc depend on the specific conditions that the patient may present, and the specific program provided to the patient is usually customized based on the findings by the counselors who conduct an initial admissions process and interview with the patient.
The treatment options, along with additional services, offered at Centre Inc to the patients admitted to their facilities may include:

  • Motivational enhancement services
  • Conflict resolution group sessions
  • Home detention services
  • Transitional skills group services
  • Seeking Safety for female patients
  • Thinking for Change treatment programs
  • Chemical Dependency Level 2.1 and Level 3.2 adult groups
  • Chemical Dependency continued aftercare services for adult patients
  • Employment skills development groups

Other services may also be provided to a patient if they need it, depending on the specific symptoms presented and the severity of the patient’s conditions. Whether or not the patient is experiencing co-occurring disorders may also have a major impact on their treatment plan.

Centre Inc Therapies Provided

There are a variety of therapies that a patient may be given access to while they are being treated at a Centre Inc facility. These may include therapy sessions with a certified counselor to help them recover, while group therapy sessions may also be provided.

Centre Inc Payment Options

There are no specific details available regarding the payment options that are offered to patients who are in need of the rehabilitation services that Centre Inc has to offer. Furthermore, we could not find any details related to the pricing information to help patients understand how much they might have to pay to undergo any of the treatment services that the center can assist them with, apart from the fact that the nonprofit organization tend to charge the client based on a sliding-scale payment system, which means a variety of factors may be taken into account to determine how much the patient can afford to pay to undergo the rehabilitation and recovery treatments they may require.

Centre Inc Accreditations

We were unable to find any accreditations, memberships, or licenses that Centre Inc holds at the moment. There is no specific information available on their website that will allow the patient to understand if they have been licensed with appropriate authorities. There might be patients who would like to know that the organization has been licensed before they undergo treatment at one of their facilities. Patients are able to get in touch with the company in order to gain further details to help them determine the accreditations and the quality of service that the organization offers.

Centre Inc Amenities

The focus of Centre Inc is to promote recovery among the patients who are admitted to one of the facilities that they own and operate, which is why they do not offer a significant number of noteworthy amenities that could be convenient to the patient. The only additional services or extra that is mentioned is the fact that certain treatments can be provided to patients in settings where GPS devices are used in accordance with the treatment, which is especially useful for patients under home detention.

Centre Inc Staff

Even though Centre Inc shares extensive details about all the different facilities and treatment options that they provide their patients with, we were unable to find any specific details that are related to the staff members who assist in treating the patients who need to undergo treatment at any of the facilities that are owned by Centre Inc.
Even though the nonprofit organization primarily serves ex-offenders, many patients do find that they feel much more comfortable and confident in the services that will be provided to them if they know that they will be treated by experts in the field of addiction treatment and behavioral therapy.

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