Cathy’s House, Medina, Ohio

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Cathy’s House Overview

Cathy’s House is a sober living home founded in 1998 by husband and wife Randy and Chris Jarrell. This is not a treatment facility, but a ¾ house run by non-professionals. Cathy’s House doesn’t provide treatment services that are offered by some recovery centers for alcohol and drug addiction. The main purpose of this house is to help recovered drug addicts and alcoholics improve their recovery and get on the path to sobriety. For many persons with substance abuse problems a treatment in inpatient or outpatient setting isn’t enough, they need strong support once their program is over. That’s exactly what Cathy’s House offers to men and women who become their clients.

Cathy’s House Housing

While Cathy’s House opened its doors to both men and women, they remain in different facilities. Male and female residents stay at different houses that are located one next to the other. Men’s house is bigger and accommodates ten men while women’s facility is relatively smaller and houses five ladies along with a live-in manager who supervises them. Three-story houses are comfortable and come with all utilities and amenities that regular homes have to create a warm, welcoming, and functional environment. The goal is to make sure every resident feels like they’re home as this type of atmosphere is important for their mental health and wellbeing. Clients are required to buy their own groceries and cook their meals in the fully-equipped kitchen.

Cathy’s House Treatment Options

Due to the fact that Cathy’s House is not a treatment facility it doesn’t provide some addiction treatment services that are found elsewhere. This is a sober living facility where clients are still able to receive support and guidance to a healthier way of life. The admission policy dictates that clients must be at least three days sober before they enter Cathy’s House. They also need approval from the director. The second admission requires three days sobriety, 30 days from the date of the previous departure, and director approval.
Clients need to meet different criteria for successful admission. For example, they must not be classified as a sexual or violent offender, must be willing to sign a release for a criminal background check, must actively participate in the AA program, must be at least 18 years old.
Within three days of admittance, clients need to find a sponsor and attend 12-step meetings onsite. Basically, the purpose of all this is to show that you are actively working on your recovery. Clients have to wake up and complete some chores by 8 am. Abusive behavior is not tolerated just like any kind of sexual activity. Each resident is responsible for cleaning up after themselves, and they also need to keep their bedrooms clean. Of course, employed residents are allowed to go to work. On the other hand, if you’re unemployed, it is your responsibility to look for a job every day.

Cathy’s House Therapies Provided

Men and women who stay at Cathy’s House have probably completed an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment program elsewhere. That program featured various therapies. In Cathy’s House residents are required to attend AA/NA meetings regularly, but there are no individual or group therapy sessions. Again, as you can already imagine this is due to the fact Cathy’s House is not a treatment center.

Cathy’s House Payment Options

This sober living facility doesn’t turn people away solely for the inability to pay. Men and women of lower socioeconomic status can still benefit from staying at Cathy’s House as they’ll work out different solutions to allow you to get support for your recovery and find the best solution to pay for the time spent there. Methods of payment accepted by Cathy’s House include private pay, grant funded/rent subsidy. Of course, to get more information about payment options especially if you’re on a tight budget, all you need to do is to contact Cathy’s House, and they’ll explain everything you need to know.

Cathy’s House Licenses

Cathy’s House has established some important partnerships. For example, their strategic partners include MCDAC (Medina County Drug Abuse Commission), Medina County ADAMH (Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Board). In addition, they partnered up with agencies such as Alternative Paths, Ohio Guidestone, and Catholic Charities Community Services. Since this is not a treatment facility, they do not have classic accreditations like addiction recovery centers. Partnerships with reputable organizations, however, are great proof that clients who join Cathy’s House really do have everything they need for sustained recovery and sobriety.

Cathy’s House Amenities

The primary advantage of Cathy’s House is a simple regimen that doesn’t put a lot of stress on men and women who live there. Residents are allowed to go to work, cook, clean, do chores they would normally do in their own homes. Regular meetings allow residents to stay on a good path toward sobriety. What makes this place practical is that it provides a strong and secure foundation for a healthy life.

Cathy’s House Staff

Bearing in mind that Cathy’s House is not a typical treatment center, it’s more of a place where people get extra support for their recovery; there are no staff members in a manner like they are elsewhere. Names and biographies of people who help run Cathy’s House aren’t revealed. That being said, it’s still clear that Cathy’s House is a supportive, warm, and calm place where residents get much-needed support. All those benefits are a result of hard work of founders and their team to develop a place where men and women who are battling addiction problems will be able to support their road to sobriety in a healthy manner.

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