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Stepping Stone House For Women Overview

Situated in the city of Portsmouth, Ohio, Stepping Stone House For Women is an organization which offers well-rounded and quality care to women suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. The first stage of treatment involves an assessment which might take up to two hours. This assessment is the first appointment made and is a way for the counselor to get to know the client and determine an appropriate treatment plan specific to the need of each patient. At this time recommendations and opinions for a type of service needed can be offered and the counselor will also educate the family or loved ones with information about resources and programs.
To begin treatment at the facility, a waiting period of four to six weeks will take place first during which clients are expected to have completed detox. Detox must be completed first before admission into the facility. The average duration of stay for a program at the facility is 90 days. During this time, individual and group therapy sessions are offered at it takes place off-site at a location near the main facility. The aim of the program is to help women, pregnant women, and women with children build their lives by providing continued care. As such, during the course of the program, clients are slowly integrated into the Stepping Stone House community. This integration takes place after a proper assessment and orientation after which clients can take part in DBT-based groups and 12-step support groups.
Other services offered to clients include family group therapy, outpatient family services, children’s therapy, and more.
On admission, clients are assigned a case manager who manages all medical affairs and schedules medical appointment for the clients and their children.

Accommodation and Food

The facility offers an on-site kitchen where all meals are made. The house also has basic amenities such as living rooms equipped with television and multiple bathrooms. Clients with children will be admitted in the same room with their children and might be roommates with another client depending on the type and size of the room. Each child and client has their own bed.
On admission into the facility, clients are required only to bring eight days’ worth of clothing which fits the season of intake. Clients must provide their own laundry basket even though the facility provides laundry facilities. Other items that clients are required to bring include clock radio or alarm clock, personal hygiene items, cigarettes (if the client smokes), and more. The facility provides a list during the orientation. The facility provides other necessities such as robes, bath towels, bed linens, pajamas, wash clothes, slippers, and more. Clients are also allowed to bring in personal items such as stamps, athletic shoes, family photos, envelopes, phone cards, and more. The house provides breakfast and dinner at the house and clients can get lunch at the facility where the meeting or therapy session is taking place.

Treatment & Therapy

The treatment facility offers different types of treatment and therapy services and all is greatly dependent on the unique needs of the client. Some of these are:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Transitional Living

Outpatient Treatment

The treatment service is typically offered as a step down to a residential or inpatient program. It is offered in a safe and comfortable setting to persons battling with addiction and mental health problems. Services offered are overseen and conducted by a multidisciplinary staff team who are dedicated to providing quality care as well as offering various treatment options including therapy and psychiatric evaluations.
The following are a list of conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Psychiatric Disorders
  • Co-occurring Mental Health Disorders

Therapy Options

The facility offers various options of therapy which include:

  • Individual therapy
  • 12-step
  • Group therapy
  • Medication management
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Relapse prevention


Stepping Stone House For Women operates on a sliding scale basis. This typically means that payment for treatment is dependent on the income of the client (household). Cost is also calculated based on the kind of care and treatment the client requires. Interested clients are encouraged to contact the treatment center for more information on payment and admission. Donations and fundings are also accepted.


The stepping stone house is fully accredited by the CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Centers).

The Stepping Stone House Advantages

The Stepping Stone House provides residential treatment for women, and children while utilizing evidence-based treatments. The facility has a day-care service for infants. Outpatient’s services are also available for Men, Women, and Families. Food is made available for clients registered in the inpatient program as well as infants and children.
The facility offers 12-step support groups to integrate individuals into the environment, also in conjunction with therapy sessions. The house has a good environment for mental recovery.
In totality, the facility offers structured and comprehensive programs to clients battling with addiction and mental health issues. Complete with a staff team with high professional certifications and extensive experience, The Stepping Stone House is good for interested individuals or family.


  • Evalyn Gitome – Chief Financial Officer
  • Andy Albrecht – C.E.O
  • Bill Dever Esq. – Chief Legal Officer

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