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Consolidated Care Inc. Overview

Consolidated Care Inc. is a facility that helps patients who are experiencing difficulties in life due to the presence of addiction to either drugs or alcohol, as well as to assist in addressing common mental health problems that patients may also be suffering from. The facility prides themselves in being open to accepting all patients, as they have a no tolerance policy toward discrimination. Furthermore, the facility believes that everyone with emotional difficulties and those struggling with an addiction deserves access to treatment, even if they are going through a time where their finances might not allow them to afford such services.
Patients can go directly to Consolidated Care Inc. if they require treatment for a mental health problem that they experience, or when they are suffering from an addiction. Alternatively, those individuals with someone in their lives going through such issues can also contact the center for assistance and to get their loved one the care and treatment they need to recover.

Consolidated Care Inc. Housing

There are no residential programs currently offered to patients who are interested in taking advantage of the treatments that Consolidated Care Inc. has developed to assist with overcoming mental health conditions, as well as those treatment programs that focus on addictions. All of the programs offered are outpatient-based care plans, where the patient needs to report into the facility at specified times to undergo therapy and other services. All patients will continue to stay at home while being offered a customized treatment program at Consolidated Care Inc.

Consolidated Care Inc. Treatment Options

Consolidated Care Inc. is able to offer their patients a wide variety of treatment programs and options that can be tailored to ensure the needs of the specific patient are met perfectly. The programs offered at the company are divided into two categories, including:
Alcohol And Drug Addiction Programs:

  • Case management assistance and patient assessment
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Prevention education and services
  • Intensive outpatient services

Mental Health Recovery Programs:

  • Case management services and initial assessment of mental health status
  • Crisis intervention programs
  • Outpatient mental health recovery treatment services
  • Prevention services with educational programs

Consolidated Care Inc. Therapies Provided

In addition to providing the patient access to different types of individualized programs that can help the patient overcome addictions, as well as mental health problems like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and more, the facilities owned by Consolidated Care Inc. has a number of professional therapists who can help the patient work through the issues they are facing.
The therapies that are currently provided to patients who are being treated at Consolidated Care Inc. consists of:

  • Individual sessions with a qualified therapist
  • Intervention services initiated through a qualified counselor
  • Prevention services
  • Group therapy sessions, including 12-step program sessions, with an experienced counselor leading the group

Consolidated Care Inc. Payment Options

No extensive data is provided regarding the payment options that are offered to patients at Consolidated Care Inc. It is known that the facility utilizes a sliding scale fee structure in order to ensure that the services offered are affordable to each of the patients that require treatment. Patients who are unable to come up with the full amount required to undergo treatment at any of these facilities can arrange for a special financial repayment plan. In such cases, the patient will be able to pay for the treatment offered to them in smaller monthly installments.
We are not sure if insurance providers are accepted at Consolidated Care Inc. Patients would be able to get in touch with the admissions staff to determine if they can undergo treatment under the insurance policy that covers them.

Consolidated Care Inc. Accreditations

While we were unable to determine if Consolidated Care Inc. has been licensed by any authorities within the Ohio state, it should be noted that the company has been accredited for the services that they offer patients by a non-profit body in the United States, known as CARF. The company does state that their services have been licensed by the appropriate authorities, but does not state which authorities these programs have been licensed by.

Consolidated Care Inc. Amenities

Apart from the primary treatment programs that Consolidated Care Inc. is able to offer the patient to help them recover from the disorders that are causing them problems in life, the company is also able to provide patients access to quality crisis care services, along with a crisis hotline that can be contacted in cases where an emergency comes up.

Consolidated Care Inc. Staff

Consolidated Care Inc. does not provide an overview of the medical nurses or counselors that are involved at the facility and offers treatment to the patients who are undergoing treatment. The website does provide a single photograph of several members that are employed at the facility, but no names, titles, qualifications, or other data are provided to help patients understand the quality of care that is offered at the Consolidated Care Inc. centers.
Patients may feel that they are more comfortable when they understand the qualifications that the staff members at Consolidated Care Inc. hold.
Fortunately, all facilities that are managed by this company has friendly admission staff members that are able to provide patients interested in utilizing the treatment services offered with answers to any questions they may have.

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