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Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers
2151 Rush Blvd
Youngstown, OH, 44507

The story of the Neil Kennedy Recovery Center goes all the way back to 1947. Jack Deibel began the first iteration of the Neil Kennedy Recovery Center.

He started it with Neil Kennedy who was a recovering alcoholic and had as his sponsor in AA, Dr. Bob Smith, one of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. Back then, the Neil Kennedy Recovery Center was known as the Youngstown Committee on Alcoholism, which was the forebear of the program that exists today.

In 1999 the Neil Kennedy Recovery Center became a part of the Gateway Rehab network. Now, the Neil Kennedy Recovery Center offers at its Youngstown location, detox and inpatient facilities for addiction and alcoholism treatment.

A Long History

The Neil Kennedy Recovery Center went through many changes to get to where it is today. The program was one of the first, stand-alone rehabs in the country to offer treatment for alcohol abuse.

Throughout the years, though, the mission of the center changed. It began treating chemical dependency disorders in the late 1970s.

From that decade on, the Neil Kennedy Recovery Center began to increase its spectrum of services incrementally. It started by opening outpatient clinics in western Ohio with treatment programs dedicated to treating adolescents.

The Neil Kennedy Recovery Center opened a gender-specific program, Women to Women in 1987. With that change, the Neil Kennedy Recovery Center set in motion the eventual version of the center that operates today.

There are separate treatment tracks based on gender. Men and women live in separate quarters, with the facility evenly divided between eight inpatient beds for men and eight inpatient bed for women.

Back to Basics

All of the different locations in the Neil Kennedy Recovery Center network, along with those in the Gateway Rehab network offers everything from detox and inpatient care, to sober living residences as well as outpatient clinics. Treatment modalities, however, singularly rely on the 12-Step philosophy.

The facility at Youngstown sits behind a row of houses on a residential street, at the end of a paved roadway.There is plenty of green areas and parklands around the facility, but they are a mere consequence of the center’s location and not necessarily a part of the treatment philosophy.

Again, apart from the detox options that it offers to patients who require it, there is not much on offer in Neil Kennedy’s treatment portfolio, other than 12-Step meetings both in individual and group formats.

In 2012, however, the Youngstown location began offering withdrawal services and medically managed detox to opiate addiction sufferers. The inpatient program can last for the minimum of 30-days.

The staff consists mostly of addiction counselors. But, with so much history in the area and with so many connections to the community, medical professionals like doctors and psychiatrists are available for visits whenever a patient needs it.

Despite its lack of treatment options in its facilities, the Neil Kennedy Recovery Centers also does a lot to prevent substance abuse disorders in the community. The Neil Kennedy Centers offers assistance programs to both employees and students.

They offer training sessions in the workplace for employees and management to be able to spot the signs of addiction. And finally, the Neil Kennedy Center does community outreach. This way, the Neil Kennedy Centers can educate and inform the next generation of the dangers and subtleties of addiction.

Taken together with its effective, albeit pared-down treatment programs, the Neil Kennedy Recovery Center in Youngstown does a lot not only to treat substance abuse but to also act as a preventative measure in the community as a whole.

Price for 30 days at Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic: $13,890 detox not included.

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Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic
2151 Rush Blvd
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