White Horse Ranch, Mooreland, Oklahoma

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1601 Wilkie Rd
Mooreland, OK, 73852

White Horse Ranch Overview

White Horse Ranch is a company that was founded to provide an effective way to address substance abuse issues in young girls. The programs that are offered at this company focuses on a combination of therapies and treatment approaches that are usually tailored to each of the young teenage girls that come to the ranch, in order to provide the patient with the best chance at recovery.
The staff members at White Horse Ranch understand that young girls may go through addictions and these substance abuse problems can cause significant problems in their future – such as a high risk of them dropping out of school, or potentially getting in their way of high grades in school. Through the implementation of an effective addiction treatment program, however, these issues can be resolved and the patient may go home sober.

White Horse Ranch Housing

The 33-acre property owned by White Horse Ranch can provide accommodation for up to 16 teenage girls at a time. Bedrooms at the facility are shared among the residents, with up to four girls being placed in a single bedroom while they are undergoing treatment.
Some rooms are smaller, however, offering accommodation for only one or two girls. The size of the room and the location where the patient is provided access to accommodation depends on their treatment level – the facility operates at different levels for the treatments that they provide.

White Horse Ranch Treatment Options

White Horse Ranch uses a unique take on the standard 12-step program that facilities often utilize to help patients through their recovery. The facility breaks the treatment up into four different levels. Each patient will be enrolled at the level that is appropriate for them – which will be determined by the specific conditions they are suffering from. In addition to being able to assist in the treatment of addictions, the facility can also help the patients overcome co-occurring disorders that are often experienced alongside substance abuse issues.
Each level consists of a treatment period that extends over 30 days in total. Patients who need to undergo treatment through all four levels will need to stay at the facility for a period of 120 days in order to complete all levels and be provided the appropriate support to help them on the road to sobriety.
The four levels are named as follow:

  • Level 1 – Grey Level
  • Level 2 – Brown Level
  • Level 3 – Green Level
  • Level 4 – Blue Level

White Horse Ranch Therapies Provided

A variety of therapy options are presented to each of the patients who come to White Horse Ranch. The therapy options are combined into a personalized treatment program that has been tailored to provide a more effective approach to help the patient reach sobriety.
Specific types of therapies that a patient may undergo at White Horse Ranch include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Equine therapy

Additional therapeutic options like meditation, art therapy, and yoga therapy classes are also provided to students.

White Horse Ranch Payment Options

No information is presented in terms of insurance programs. Patients are advised to contact the facility directly to find out if their insurance policy is accepted. Fees are calculated on a sliding-scale basis, which means the bill will depend on the income of the patient’s parents. Loan facilities are also available to those who are unable to afford the full amount billed before the patient is admitted.

White Horse Ranch Accreditations

The official website of the White Horse Ranch addiction treatment facility states that the company has been fully licensed and that they do have the necessary insurance policies. Unfortunately, they do not provide any details in regards to which state authorities they have been licensed with. In addition to being fully licensed, the company has also been awarded an accreditation by CARF, also known as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. This means that the services offered to teenage girls with addiction problems at White Horse Ranch are of high quality and focuses on the recovery of the specific patient.

White Horse Ranch Amenities

Apart from being provided access to a range of animals that are roaming on the ranch, as part of the equine therapy programs that are offered to patients at White Horse Ranch, there are not a significant number of additional amenities that may be noted. The teenage patients who are being treated at the facility will be provided access to a computer, which they can use for school – they will be provided assignments to complete and hand in to ensure the patients stay on track with their academics while they are undergoing treatment.

White Horse Ranch Staff

After we looked at the website that represents White Horse Ranch, we found that the company has not released any statements or information that can help patients understand who the staff members are that administer treatment to those who come to the facility for treatment. Understanding more about the medical staff at a facility like White Horse Ranch might be crucial for both the patient and their parents. Should parents be concerned about who will be providing their teenage daughter with therapeutic services and other methods to assist in their recovery, they should first pay a visit to the White Horse Ranch themselves to get a better overview of what to expect.
We did note that there are currently approximately 20 staff members employed at the facility. These include Licensed Mental Health Counselors, LADCs, LPCs, life coaches, nurses, and psychiatrist. A number of counselors that specializes in equine therapy also seems to be employed at White Horse Ranch.

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