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Tulsa Women and Childrens Center Review
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Tulsa Women and Children’s Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma is an offshoot of the Palmer non-profit agency that formerly ran drug rehab programs throughout Texas. The Palmer Drug Abuse Program of Houston aka PDAP of Houston found its way into Oklahoma in 1981.

Since then the Palmer programs have grown to include the Tulsa Women and Children’s Center. There are only a handful of rehab centers in the country that can accommodate pregnant or parenting women and their young children, the Tulsa Women and Children’s Center is one of them.

No Limit to Care

The Tulsa Women and Children’s Center is a subsidiary program to the Palmer Drug Abuse program in Tulsa. Given that it is a non-profit, state run facility the Palmer program in Tulsa offers mostly outpatient services at its primary location.

Inpatient services are reserved for the most vulnerable populations, namely pregnant women and mothers with their children. There are 53 spaces in total for inpatient residents.

There is a waiting list for entry to the Tulsa Women and Children’s Center. Women who are pregnant and either intravenous drug users or substance abusers, in general, have priority. Women and their children also move to the head of the line. People who have HIV/AIDS or hepatitis C also have primary consideration.

There are no detox facilities on-site, given the TWCC’s small size and limited services. Women are expected to receive detox supervision elsewhere.

After a woman gains entry into the center, if she is pregnant she is roomed with other pregnant women. A woman shares her room with her children. All necessary toiletries and accessories for children are provided by the center, which include diapers, formula and cribs.

Much Needed Help

The TWCC treats women and their children. Women normally go through 35 hours of therapy a week. They can also receive treatment for other dual diagnosis disorders that might be afflicting them. The staff at the TWCC can provide care to traumatized women as well as mental health and medical care for those women who need it.

Women are assigned a case manager that helps them decide which treatments options would be best for them. All women attend individual counseling sessions every day. They can be counseled on how to increase their self-esteem and control their anger.

Women with children also attend parenting classes for at least seven hours a week. They can also receive addiction education classes and other psycho-social educational seminars that help them plan for the life after rehab.

Weekend activities aimed at being both therapeutic and recreational are prepared in advance. Women can also take art and music therapy classes if they chose.

The TWCC also cares for children who have gone through periods of neglect and abuse. While their mothers are in treatment, assessments are given to children to gauge what kind of care they might require.

Children old enough to go to school attend only a few hours of therapy while also attending classes. Pre-school children receive around twelve hours worth of care.

Treating the Family

The Palmer Drug Abuse Program specializes in providing outpatient care to most of its clients. Sessions typically last for between 12 to 15 weeks. Clients attend a combination of individual, group and family counseling sessions.

Palmer takes the view that addiction treatment should expand outward to a person’s immediate family and social circle. To this end, treatments lean heavily on abstinence-based programs like the 12 Steps and improving a person’s relationships with their loved ones.

A program like the Tulsa Woman and Children’s Center provides invaluable services to a vulnerable population. The treatment, accommodation, and facilities at the Tulsa Woman and Children’s Center may be standard, but for women with children who have nowhere else to go, basic is a lot.

Price for Tulsa Women and Children’s Center Cost: all costs covered by the state

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