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Astoria Pointe
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The Astoria Pointe treatment facility takes its name from its location, as it sits atop one of the highest points in Astoria, Oregon, allowing it breathtaking views of the Pacific and the Columbia River. Astoria Pointe is a rehab that treats substance abuse problems, along with co-occurring disorders and process addictions in men. It is one of the many treatment centers within the national network of Sunspire Health facilities.

The Way Out

Astoria Pointe is a rehab center geared exclusively toward men. As such, Astoria Pointe seeks to address the specific reasons that men began either abusing substances or processes. The three treatment schemes at Astoria Pointe run from a residential program to a partial hospitalization program to an Intensive Outpatient Program offered at another location.

Astoria Pointe strove to make its facility and treatment programs suitable to male sensibilities. They achieved this by not only by setting its center in a rugged and awe-inspiring landscape but also by including a whole range of nontraditional therapies that take into account the particular obstacles that men might face in recovery.

The inpatient program has space for 30 men at one time. The Astoria Pointe residential accommodations offer men a mixture of a safe, homelike environment that is also a bit rustic and untamed in its decor and feel, keeping in line with its masculine bent

Astoria Pointe staff are available at all times, day and night. In between therapy sessions, men can make use of the extensive collection of books and other reading materials in the common areas of the facility.

For those men more interested in physical activity, Astoria Pointe offers access to an off site fitness center. Not to mention the plethora of nature trails and proximity to the ocean can all be used by those in residence in their free time but also as a component of adventure therapy.

Healing Through Adventure

Medically supervised detoxification is among the rehabilitation services that Astoria Pointe offers to its incoming clients. Not all men, however, will need detox. If they should require it, however, Astoria Pointe stands ready to provide a professional staff of doctors, nurses and other addiction specialists to guide you through this most tempestuous phases of your treatment.

All new residents at Astoria Pointe undergo assessments by intake coordinators to ensure that men receive a treatment scheme built around their particular disorder, including any co-occurring disorders.

A stay in the residence program can usually last for 30 to 90-days. But men can stay for as long as their treatment team decides they need to stay.

Some of the same treatments are available at all Sunspire Health locations, but given Astoria Pointe’s male-only focus, it offers some of the more unique addiction treatment options. Again, for those clients that most benefit from them, Astoria Pointe offers medically assisted treatment to the most severe substance abuse sufferers.

In addition to having available to them individual and group counseling, as well as cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies and life-changing relapse prevention skills, men at Astoria Pointe can also expect to receive more holistic and male-oriented therapies. The alternative therapies at Astoria Pointe run from yoga, acupuncture and equine therapy offered through the services of a local stable.

The first of these male-oriented therapies are adventure based. These treatment sessions take advantage of Astoria Pointe’s location in the Pacific Northwest and challenge men both physically and mentally.

The aim of adventure based therapies is to create a new reward system in men that replaces the dependence on substances to feel gratification and fulfillment. Participants work through tasks given to them and must collaborate to achieve stated goals.

Family healing sessions aimed at creating a stable base for men once they return home to their loved ones are also available for men and their families at Astoria Pointe. All the staff at Astoria Pointe are well-versed in treating the particular nuances that affect men who are afflicted with addiction problems. Men can expect treatment from professionals who understand their particular recovery needs.

Another Man

After emerging from the inpatient residential program, Astoria Pointe offers its clients a less structured but equally rigorous treatment scheme through its partial hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient treatment programs. Astoria Pointe recommends PHP or IOP for those clients going through rehab for the first time, as a way to shore up any progress made during their inpatient treatment.

Treatment options in the outpatient programs at Astoria Pointe include many of the same inpatient treatment options, like individual and group counseling, as well as psycho-educational classes to help a patient understand their addiction better. Holistic therapies like the adventure based sessions and equine therapy are also available to outpatient participants.

Astoria Pointe’s focus on treating addiction and co-occurring disorders in men has helped it occupy a particular niche in the world of rehab centers. Its stunning but physically taxing location, combined with the breadth of its treatment options, all of which are structured around the specific needs of men have vaulted Astoria Pointe to a coveted position of being a leader in treating substance abuse and mental health disorders in men.

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