The Rosebriar, Astoria, Oregon

The Rosebriar
636 14th Street
Astoria, OR, 97103

Just like its twin rehab center for men, the Rosebriar treatment facility is located in Astoria, Oregon and is the women-only companion to the men-only program at Astoria Pointe. Both Astoria Pointe and the Rosebriar operate under the umbrella of Sunspire Health.

The Rosebriar shares the same picturesque setting in the Pacific Northwest, as Astoria Pointe, with its sweeping views of the nearby Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. Women can ensconce themselves in a restored Victorian mansion that offers all the modern amenities of a bed and breakfast.

The Rosebriar offers all the comforts of home, while providing proven treatment modalities for addiction as well as co-occurring disorders. Outpatient options are also available through the Rosebriar.

Peace by the Sea

The residential program at the Rosebriar has space for 16 women in total. The Rosebriar house itself has spacious double rooms, where women sleep two to a room.

The rooms and common areas are all decorated and painted in a way that evokes the maritime setting of the facility. Framed pictures of lighthouses dot the blue pastel covered walls.

For downtime, in between therapy sessions, transportation to an off site gym is provided to women who feel they need some physical activity. Women can also take a relaxing stroll through a well-kept garden on site or take advantage of the proximity to the beach and nearby hiking trails.

There is no detox care available at the Rosebriar. Any woman entering the inpatient residential program at Rosebriar who requires detox has the option of receiving such treatments at the co-ed Astoria Pointe detox facility.

For some women, detoxification might not even be necessary. If that is the case, they can enter the residential program right away. All patients entering the inpatient program are assessed based on their medical, psychological and emotional needs. Treatment plans are all structured around these essential features.

Depending on the assessments made by case managers, women looking for treatment for addiction or co-occurring disorders have available to them a variety of different treatment options. Women can attend individual or group therapy sessions. There are also classes aimed at instilling valuable relapse prevention skills.

Since returning to a normal home life is a fundamental component of anyone’s recovery, the Rosebriar takes into account a woman’s loved ones by offering family therapy sessions. These sessions take place over an Intensive Family weekend as well as throughout a woman’s stay at the Rosebriar since regular family contact is a feature of the residential program.

Addiction education, as well as psycho-educational lectures that help a woman understand better the intricacies of addiction, in general, are all on hand as treatment choices. Cognitive and dialectical behavioral adjustment classes also help women unlearn the behaviors that came along with being addicted.

And just like with the companion program at Astoria Pointe, the Rosebriar offers adventure based and holistic therapies as well. These can vary from attending yoga and mindfulness classes to taking part in adventure therapies that physically and psychologically challenge a woman’s self-perceived limitations to achieve a greater sense of well-being and self-esteem.

To Somewhere Better

Other features of the residential program are offered in the outpatient segment of treatment. Once a woman has finished her either 30 or 90-day stay as an inpatient, the Rosebriar offers to continue the continuum of care in either a partial hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient Program.

Both the partial hospitalization and outpatient programs can be taken while a patient still lives at home, although the Rosebriar has transitional living facilities that patients can stay at, if necessary. The outpatient programs consist of 6-8 hour sessions that take place 5-7 days a week, depending on the treatment plan.

As a companion program to the men-only Astoria Pointe treatment facility, the Rosebriar offers women gender-specific care from an array of doctors, nurses and addiction specialists who come trained to address the particular needs of women suffering from substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders. The same rugged yet tranquil setting of the Rosebriar location helps women overcome not only the physical struggles associated with addiction but the mental ones as well.

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The Rosebriar
636 14th Street
Astoria, OR



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