YES House Residential Program, Corvallis, Oregon

Corvallis is the location of Oregon State University
518 SW 3rd St
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YES House Residential Program Overview

The Milestones Family Recovery organization specializes in providing patients with a number of different treatment programs that all aim to help the patient overcome common types of addictions, including drug addiction and alcohol addiction. The company is able to provide treatment services to both adults and adolescents, and they welcome patients of all genders at their facilities to assist in the treatment of substance abuse disorders.
The YES House Residential Program is part of the Milestones Family Recovery organization and specializes in the treatment of addictions among younger individuals – adolescents in particular. The “YES” in this facility’s name was chosen to represent the phrase “Young Entering Sobriety.” While treatment does play a major role in the facility’s approach to helping the adolescent patients recover from addictions, the facility is also able to provide the patient with educational services to ensure they do not miss out on school.

YES House Residential Program Housing

This facility only specializes in providing residential treatment to patients, which means all patients are required to stay at the facility. The YES House Residential Program is provided in a three-story building that is similar in design to what is often known as a frat house. The building can provide accommodation for up to 32 patients at any given time. Rooms are shared among patients and are also gender-specific. Boys and girls will never be appointed to the same room. Up to three patients may reside in a single room at a time, depending on the specific room that the patient is appointed to.

YES House Residential Program Treatment Options

Treatment options at YES House Residential Program focus on long-term recovery and provide the adolescent patient access to the services that they will need throughout their journey to recovery. The facility has established a relatively large number of treatment methods and options that patients are offered when they are admitted to their residential program.
Some of these treatment options include:

  • Counseling services
  • Case management services
  • Parent training programs (offered to the parents of patients admitted to the YES House Residential Program)
  • Self-help group programs
  • Recovery skills training programs
  • Life skills training programs

Since patients are usually at the age where they still need to be in school, the facility is also equipped with a Licensed Alternative School, where patients are offered educational services in order to ensure they do not fall behind with their schoolwork while they are in recovery for their addictions.

YES House Residential Program Therapies Provided

During the recovery phase of adolescent patients admitted to this facility, a range of therapeutic services will be provided to the patient. This includes both individual counseling and group therapy. The facility also has family therapy options available, which can be utilized by patients and their parents when needed.

YES House Residential Program Payment Options

YES House Residential Program uses a sliding scale system to help the facility determine the most appropriate amount that the parents or guardians of an adolescent patient are able to afford. This ensures that patients are able to gain access to the treatment services that are needed to assure their success in recovering from addictions. In addition to accepting self-pay options, the facility also accepts some insurance programs, including the Oregon Health Plan. Patients are advised to contact the facility beforehand in order to get their insurance benefits verified, which will avoid potential unexpected costs from the patient’s side.

YES House Residential Program Accreditations

No information is available regarding accreditations that CARF, the Joint Commission, or any other particular body has provided the YES House Residential Program. These accreditations are usually awarded to facilities after their services have been thoroughly investigated and approved according to the standards that have been set out by the specific body that is in charge of the accreditation.

YES House Residential Program Amenities

All rooms in the YES House Residential Program are equipped with twin beds, along with relatively small dressers. The patients are allowed to keep their clothes, as well as their personal belongings in these dressers. There are several therapy rooms and a couple of classrooms that are used to provide patients with educational services. A kitchen is available, where meals are prepared, and snacks are provided to patients. There is also a living room in the facility that offers patients access to a television.

YES House Residential Program Staff

Even though it does seem like the Milestones Family Recovery company, which is the parent company of the YES House Residential Program, is transparent in terms of the services that they offer their patients, we did note that their data is quite limited regarding the staff members who form part of the treatments and the services that the facility is able to offer those patients who come to them for assistance in their recovery.
The official website that represents the staff profiles of the YES House Residential Program only offers limited information about four members that are part of the management team. There is no additional information available to help patients interested in utilizing the services at this facility find out more about the treatment team that will be responsible for their therapy sessions.
Staff members:

  • Margarita Solis – YES House Operations Manager
  • Bernie McCarthy (LCSW CADC III) – Clinical Supervisor
  • Douglas Carter – Teacher

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