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BestCare Treatment Services Overview

BestCare Treatment Services is a group of facilities that have been registered under a nonprofit organization. The facilities that have been founded by the organization specializes in the treatment of numerous mental disorders that cause addiction, depressive thoughts, anxiety, and other possible complications. BestCare provides both residential services and certain outpatient programs, as well as a range of aftercare services, that enables the patient to fully heal from their mental illness and restore their mental wellbeing.

Housing at BestCare Treatment Services

The organization now has five facilities where patients can reside in order to obtain inpatient care services to assist in their recovery from addictions or mental disorders. The facilities provide specialized care toward targeted patients. Two of the facilities that are owned by the organization offer gender-specific treatment plans, which have all been tailored toward either male patients or female patients, depending on the particular facility in question. Additionally, one of the facilities that are owned by the organization only provides treatments to male patients of the Latino race.
Each facility that is operated by BestCare has five bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms is fitted with two beds. There are two patients admitted to each of the rooms, which means ten patients can be treated at each facility at all times.

Treatment Options at BestCare Treatment Services

One of the primary benefits offered by BestCare Treatment Services is the fact that all of the programs are evidence-based. The programs are developed with scientific research and clinical trial data in mind, to ensure that any treatment that is provided to a patient will be an effective way to assist them in dealing with the particular mental issues that they present.
The organization has developed numerous treatment services that aim to assist in treating different types of disorders that the patient may be suffering from; thus offering a more complete and comprehensive solution compared to facilities that only specializes in more targeted treatment programs.
The treatment programs available at BestCare include:

  • Alcohol and substance abuse programs, including detoxification services
  • Pain management programs
  • Programs specifically tailored to Latinos
  • Gambling addiction programs
  • Aftercare services to ensure long-term recovery from addiction and mental diseases
  • Mental health programs that target depression, bipolar disorder, and other illnesses

Payment Options at BestCare Treatment Services

BestCare offers the patient a variety of payment options, and they do not refuse treatment of any patient due to the patient’s inability to pay for the services they require to recover from their addictions or to help treat their mental conditions. There are numerous programs offered by the facility, each with a unique pricing structure. Furthermore, each patient’s treatment plan will be customized according to the support, therapy, and potential medication the patient requires to be treated successfully.
While no specific details are provided regarding the pricing of treatments that are offered by the organization, patients should expect to be billed around $15,000 for a 30-day residential treatment program. This may include a period of detoxification to assist with removing the substances from the patient’s body and to help them get through the initial period of withdrawal from the drugs or substances they have become addicted to.
Patients who are insured on a health care plan can provide their details to the facility in order to determine if their insurance agency would cover the costs incurred for the treatment provided to the patient. When a patient is underinsured or do not have any medical insurance plan, they can either opt to pay upfront for the treatment or they can arrange for special financial assistance. In such cases, the patient may be provided treatment at a discounted rate, and a special monthly repayment plan might be compiled.


BestCare Treatment Services is an accredited facility. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, also known as CARF, has awarded accreditation to the facility upon inspection of the services and treatments they provide their patients with.

Amenities at BestCare Treatment Services

Several amenities are made available to patients who need to reside at one of BestCare’s facilities to undergo an inpatient treatment program. Each facility is fitted with three bathrooms, shared among the ten patients that can be serviced at a time. Furthermore, clients are provided with daily meals and are also required to participate in the preparation of the food. There are several yoga instructors who visit these facilities in order to provide patients with yoga classes. Other types of exercise programs are also offered at the facilities to ensure patients can continue working out while they are admitted to a residential care program.


BestCare Treatment Services does not provide any details of the staff members that are involved in the treatment of patients at any of their facilities. Their website also does not offer any data on the management or leadership team that are involved in the development of the programs that are offered to patients who are admitted to residential programs or in outpatient settings.
Patients who find that they feel more comfortable knowing who will be in charge of caring for them when they are admitted to the facility can visit the intake center in order to obtain more details on the staff involved at the facility where they might be treated. Further details of the management team who will be developing the patient’s care plan can also be obtained by visiting the intake center.

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