Little Creek Lodge, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

Calm lake reflecting trees
369 Easton Turnpike
Lake Ariel, PA, 18436

Little Creek Lodge Overview

Little Creek Lodge is a small rehabilitation center located near Lake Ariel, in the woods of Pennsylvania, a perfect location for a sober living for patients with a diagnosed addiction. The Little Creek Lodge facility welcomes male patients age 18 to 28, struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse issues. The facility offers inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to its patients with a duration of 90 days each. The Little Creek Lodge rehabilitation center follows the 12-step recovery process, introducing the concepts of individual, group, and family therapy to its patients. Detox is available on-site in addition to its aftercare program, which offers continued care and counseling sessions to the patients who have completed their therapy at the Little Creek Lodge rehabilitation center. The treatment programs include experimental therapy in addition to the evidence-based therapy sessions, including equine therapy and music therapy.

Little Creek Lodge Housing

Patients who take part in the inpatient treatment program at Little Creek Lodge are accommodated in a small, yet cozy log cabin. The cabin is fully equipped to accommodate 16 patients at a time, placed in shared bedrooms with bathrooms. The bedrooms are elegantly furnished with twin beds, and wardrobes. There is a common room in addition to rooms where therapy sessions take place and offices. The dining room is where patients are served three meals a day. The patients are required to complete their chores related to cleaning, helping out in the kitchen, keeping the lodge clean, cozy, and welcoming as a part of their treatment at Little Creek Lodge. The meals are prepared by an on-site kitchen staff with the help of the patients, following a menu provided by a professional nutritionist.

Little Creek Lodge Treatment Options

Little Creek Lodge offers the traditional inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to its patients:

  • Inpatient treatment program – The inpatient treatment program requires patients to live on the grounds of the facility during 90 days, as long as their treatment lasts. Individual, group, family, and experimental therapy are all included in the treatment program, in addition to relapse prevention and life skills classes.
  • Outpatient treatment program – The outpatient treatment program includes all of the therapy methods available on-site as the inpatient treatment program does, with the sole difference that the patients are free to live at home, while they are only required to visit the facility for their therapy sessions. Relapse prevention is included as well. This treatment method is recommended only to patients with milder cases of substance abuse issues.

Little Creek Lodge Therapies Provided

The Little Creek Lodge rehabilitation center offers a wide variety of therapies, among which are:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family therapy sessions
  • Experimental therapy (Equine therapy and music therapy)
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Detoxification

Little Creek Lodge Payment Options

The official website of the Little Creek Lodge rehabilitation center states that the facility accepts most private insurance plans, although it does not provide us with accurate information on which plans exactly. It also states that there is a variety of self-pay payment plans for the patients to choose from. We encourage you to contact the staff at the Little Creek Lodge using the phone number provided to access more information on the topic.

Little Creek Lodge Licenses

The Little Creek Lodge official website provides us with information that since its opening in 2008, the facility has successfully earned the State license in addition to the NAATP license. The NAATP (The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers) is responsible for representing rehabilitation facilities that are providing full care and support, in addition to quality treatment in the field of addiction issues.

Little Creek Lodge Amenities

The staff at the Little Creek Lodge rehabilitation center has made sure that the patients understand that the concept of sober living does have its own positive sides, apart from recovery. That is why, patients at Little Creek Lodge can be often found as they are enjoying music therapy, equine therapy, yoga classes, Tai Chi classes, workouts in the on-site fully equipped gym, regular excursions to New York City, Philadelphia, and as well as camping out in the local woods.

Little Creek Lodge Staff

Andy Pace – Co-founder and CEO

It was the musician Andy Pace who first founded the Little Creek Lodge rehabilitation center along with his wife, Barbara Warren Pace.

Barbara Warren Pace – Co-founder and CFO

Barbara Warren Pace serves as the co-founder of the Little Creek Lodge, where along with her husband Andy Pace create a welcoming and supportive environment.

Dr. Rick Blum – Consulting Physician

Having graduated from Yale University in 1970, Dr. Blum has had years of experience and practice which he now uses to serve as a consulting physician at the Little Creek Lodge facility.

Katie McKendry LPC, MS – Clinical Director

Prior to joining in the team at Little Creek Lodge, Katie McKendry has earned her license to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, which, along with her years of previous working experience at other rehabilitation centers, she now uses to serve as a clinical director at Little Creek Lodge.

Matt Bartos MSW, LSW, CADC – Director of Residential Care

Being a Licensed Social Worker, and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Matt Bartos is responsible for all things related to the inpatient treatment programs at Little Creek Lodge, in addition to being responsible for admitting all patients into the facility.

David Enslin – Counselor

David Enslin has a wide experience working with young adults struggling with substance abuse issues, which makes him one of the best counselors on the team at Little Creek Lodge.

Stephen M.Schwarz ASC, CAAC – Counselor

Stephen is a Certified Associate Addiction Counselor and is responsible for the individual, group, and family therapy at Little Creek Lodge.

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