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The Lancaster Freedom Center Overview

The Lancaster Freedom Center, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a treatment center that provides adequate care to individuals with substance abuse issues. Founded in 1989, the facility offers treatment to adolescents and adults, 13 years and older, seeking outpatient treatment. The facility offers counseling options in addition to its outpatient programs to clients with mental health concerns. If necessary, qualified staff will refer clients to an outside behavioral facility for inpatient treatment, as it is not currently offered at the facility. Clients seeking medication-assisted treatment will also find adequate care here.
On admission, clients are required to complete evaluation with a Masters-level therapist. This evaluation is done to help create an individualized treatment for each client. These plans vary greatly because it is made based on the clients need, and may vary from in intensity and length. With individualized treatment, client’s sessions can range from one session to several months. After the assessment, clients who require inpatient treatment, co-occurring disorders, or detox will be referred to an outside behavioral facility. The facility uses psychotropic medication during counseling and some dual diagnosis support is offered. The psychotropic medication used for the dual diagnosis counseling is coordinated by the client’s physician.
The facility also offers an intensive outpatient program to clients who require more than regular weekly outpatient sessions. Patients registered in this program participate in weekly group therapy, psychoeducation, and individual therapy. The first phase of treatment requires clients meeting three evenings a week, and are required to complete three to six weeks of treatment before moving on the second phase. All sessions require a complete hour attendance for both experiential therapy, group therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. The second phase of treatment requires two to four weeks, which is less intensive than the first phase. Aftercare is offered to clients who have completed the primary program, and it is offered as the third phase. This phase encourages abstinence-based recovery and group therapy is offered weekly for 10 to 15 weeks.
Gender-specific groups are offered as well to both clients in the facility, and individuals who have completed residential care from outside behavioral healthcare.
The staff team at the facility certified addiction counselors, psychologists, certified chemical dependency professionals, licensed clinical social workers, certified addiction counselors, Masters-level therapists, registered nurse providers, and more.
Clients in the basic outpatient program are required to participate in weekly 12-step meetings (Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous). Also, the facility conducts random drug testing and urinalysis to make sure that clients are making progress. If clients are found to have relapsed, program length might be extended but clients will not be kicked out of the program. Education group topics discussed include coping skills, risk management, relapse prevention, avoiding triggers, and emotional management.

Treatment & Therapy

The Lancaster Freedom Center offers different services and programs to clients suffering from substance abuse addiction and mental health issues, based on their unique needs. Some of these are:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment

The treatment center facility offers group and individual therapy to clients two to three times weekly. Individual one-on-one sessions with counselors hold once weekly, and a psychoeducational component is added to both group and individual therapy. Clients benefit from a safe, structured, and comprehensive program which helps with substance abuse and mental health disorders.
The following are conditions treated at the facility:

  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health issues
  • Co-occurring disorders

The Lancaster Freedom Center Therapy Options

The Lancaster Freedom Center offers multiple therapy and treatment options to individuals, which include:

  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Individual therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Psychoeducation


The Lancaster Freedom Center costs depend on the program a client is registered into. The facility accepts most medical insurances and clients can contact the facility for more information about insurance verification. Clients are expected to complete copays at the time of visit and are advised to contact the facility for more information about admission, assessments, and many more.

The Lancaster Freedom Center Advantages

The treatment center offers programs to all different kinds of individuals. Specialized groups and programs are available to adolescents, such as student assistance programs for adolescents still in school. Loved ones and families of clients are encouraged to attend the family group, and this program is emphasized to adolescents.
Clients seeking mental health treatment will benefit from the group and individual counseling, with the addition of substance abuse treatment to its component.
The facility offers a long-term, strong solution to individuals battling with mental health and substance abuse issues. The facility offers adequate care facilitated by highly trained staff to individuals, and after completion of treatment, clients are encouraged to continue to attend 12-step meetings to create a good support network.


Kathleen Birmingham
Program Director

Kathleen holds a graduate degree from Adelphi University in Social Work, and an undergraduate degree from the Catholic University of America. She is dedicated to helping clients find and begin the long-term journey to sobriety.

Nelson Polite

Nelson holds a Bachelor’s degree from Millersville University in Psychology and a Master’s degree from the Pennsylvania State University in Community Psychology. He is dedicated to providing quality care and enjoys working with the staff.

Marilyn D’Andrea-Spica
Medical Director

Marilyn is board certified to practice Internal Medicine and currently serves as the Medical Director of the facility. She is passionate about advocating patient education and enjoys working with addicted clients.

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