Today Inc. Foundation, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Southern York County, Pennsylvania
1990 Woodbourne Rd
Langhorne, PA, 19047

Today Inc. Foundation Overview

Today Inc. Foundation is a provider of behavioral health services that was founded more than 44 years ago. With almost five decades of experience, the company has grown over the years and now provides some of the best quality care in the local area. The facility was established primarily to provide treatment services to young adults who are unable to overcome a chemical abuse disorder on their own. In addition to serving young adults that have become addicts, the programs offered at the facility also focuses on family members that might be affected by the individual who is suffering. Furthermore, they also have a range of prevention and intervention services that are offered toward the youth.

The programs offered are administered and developed by skilled employees that include nurses, therapists, psychologists, and many other medical staff members. While quality care is one of the primary goals that Today Inc. Foundation stands by, and they also strive toward making recovery services more affordable to the local population. The services provided by this company are priced much lower than many of the other rehabilitation and treatment centers in the local region.

Housing at Today Inc. Foundation

Patients who need to undergo a residential treatment program will be housed in of the two main facilities that are owned by Today Inc. Foundation. The two buildings are dedicated to gender-specific treatment programs. The larger farmhouse that the company utilizes for residential treatment is dedicated toward the treatment of male patients, while the smaller facility assists in the recovery of female patients.

The building that is utilized to provide recovery services to men can provide treatment for a total of 30 men. Men are required to share bedrooms, and all the patients in the building need to share a single bathroom.

Up to 12 female patients can be treated at a time at the building that has been dedicated to female recovery treatment. The house is smaller than the one dedicated to male patients but features similar interior décor.

The detoxification unit that the company utilizes can also house a few patients while they undergo a medical detox program in order to start their recovery process.

Treatment Options at Today Inc. Foundation

Today Inc. Foundation focuses on providing effective treatment services to a wide range of behavioral problems that affect families, young adults, and adolescents. They offer a range of different treatment programs but prefer to personalize a plan for a patient to ensure they receive the best quality care that they can offer the patient. Treatment options include:

  • Detoxification
  • Inpatient residential care
  • Outpatient treatment plans

Payment Options at Today Inc. Foundation

Today Inc. Foundation does not offer any specific details related to their payment options on their official website. Patients are advised that they will receive individualized treatment that focuses on the specific substances that they are abusing, as well as possible co-occurring disorders that they might have. Once a treatment plan has been established for a patient, they will be provided a total price that they need to pay to undergo the treatment.

Patients pay, on average, a fee of $6,000 for residential care, which includes seven days in the detoxification unit, as well as 21 days in the inpatient treatment unit.
The facility does not provide details in regards to insurance providers accepted for their treatments. They also do not state if patients can apply for financial arrangements with a counselor.


Today Inc. Foundation does not share licensing or accreditation details on their website. There are many patients who may be concerned as such licensing data provide the patient with evidence that the programs provided by such a facility are of high-quality and will offer them a real opportunity to recover from the addiction they are suffering from.

Amenities at Today Inc. Foundation

All patients will be monitored 24/7 by licensed staff members, including nurses, in order to ensure that they can recover from their drug or other substance abuse disorder and to provide them with care when needed. A single bathroom is fitted in the male residential treatment house, while the female treatment unit provides women access to two bathrooms. The property also features a volleyball court, a basketball court, a weight set for fitness enthusiasts, and a horseshoe pit. Meditation sessions are also provided to keep patients calm and relaxed while they are undergoing treatment.


While Today Inc. Foundation does share a list of their officers and advisory board on their website, and they do not offer any details about the credentials or licenses of these employees and board members. Many patients want to know that they will be provided with quality care by licensed and experienced professionals. Any patient who finds that the information regarding the staff members at this facility is not sufficient to help them trust the company and the treatment services they provide should get in touch with them directly to obtain more details.

The staff members that they do share on their website consist of:

  • Col. Leonard J. Lobel (USA Ret) – President
  • Robert Wilson – Vice President
  • Barbara Deacon – Secretary
  • Michael L. Salie, Jr. Esquire – 2nd Vice President
  • John E. Howell, Ed. D. LPC – Treasurer

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